Katy Perry On “Dipping” Her Toe Into Country Music: “I Love It Because It’s All About Songwriting”

Katy Perry is dipping her toe into country music on Thomas Rhett’s new album. The pop superstar sings with Rhett on the title track of “Where We Started” and the pair performed it live on the American Idol finale.

“It’s my first time stepping in, dipping my toe into that water, and I love it because it’s all about songwriting, it’s all about telling a story,” Perry told E! on the Idol red carpet. “I think storytelling is so important in life.”

The “Fireworks” singer says she has been residing on and off in Kentucky with her husband Orlando Bloom while he films a movie. “I just love that heartland,” she says. “There is definitely something in the water in Kentucky where [Season 20 winner] Noah [Thompson] comes from. That’s where we were at. So many great legends come from there, and the heart of America is amazing.”

Perry, who began her career in Nashville as a teenager told Extra, “I might get back a little bit to my roots with that singer-songwriter side,” she shares. “That’s where I started. I spent so much time in Nashville laying my musical foundation, so I’d love to continue along on that path.”