Pregnant Lauren Bushnell Lane Diagnosed With Marginal Cord Insertion: “Trying to Stay Optimistic”

Chris Lane and his wife Lauren Bushnell are expecting their second child this October.

The couple revealed the news to PEOPLE on Monday (June 7).  Following the announcement, Lauren took to Instagram to update her followers on her pregnancy.  The former Bachelor star shared that she was recently diagnosed with marginal cord insertion.

“The first 13 weeks-ish [of pregnancy] were way worse this time around. I just feel like I was way sicker, I threw up a lot more often, hence the hospital visit. Thankfully now I am feeling so much better,” she began in the video shared to her story. “I was recently diagnosed with something called marginal cord insertion. I was incredibly stressed out when my doctor told me that but I’m trying to stay optimistic.”

Lauren told fans, that the diagnosis requires her to “be monitored more often,” but the baby is “very healthy, measuring great, measuring a little bit big if anything.”

The mom-to-be explained that marginal cord insertion is when the “umbilical cord attaches to the edge of the placenta versus the middle.”

She continued, “So the concern is that when [the umbilical cord] attaches to the edge, especially later in pregnancy, it can sometimes cause the baby to not get all the nutrients it needs, so it just needs extra monitoring.”

Lauren added that she will get an ultrasound “every four weeks,” adding, “It’s not super uncommon” and she will be “monitored more often.”



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