Lainey Wilson Shares Details About Filming “Yellowstone” Season 5

Last week Lainey Wilson announced that she is joining season 5 of Yellowstone and the country singer is already on set!

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lainey revealed that she started filming her new role as a musician named Abby.

Lainey explained how she landed the role and it turns out it was written specifically for her. The “Things A Man Outta Know” singer already had her music featured on the show multiple times, and she says series co-creator and writer Taylor Sheridan called her in February of 2022 and said he wanted to write a part specifically for her for Yellowstone Season 5.

Taylor “told me, ‘Lainey, you can do it,'” she says in the interview before joking, “I’ve been acting a fool my whole life, so this might be second nature!”

Lainey has been taking acting lessons and is already on set fliming. “We are in the process of it right now,” Wilson told ET. “It’s going great, and I’m surprising myself.”

Watch the full interview below.