What Is a ‘Margarita Burn’ And How Can You Avoid It This Summer?

Do you love lounging by the pool with a drink in your hand?  Be careful if that drink is a margarita.

TikTok-user Shana, aka @theglutenfreetravelagent, shared a viral video showing what can happen if you prepare a margarita with a lime slice and then go out into the sun.

In the quick clip, Shana warns, “PSA, don’t cut limes then go into the sun.”

“I now have second and third-degree burns and blisters on my hands,” she captioned the video which has almost 400,000 views.

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In a follow-up video, she explained, “I rinsed my hands, I washed them with soap and water but unfortunately with this it can still happen” and shared she’s “never making mojitos at the beach again.”

In the caption, she explained, “It’s called Phytophotodermatitis.”  According to healthline.com, phytophotodermatitis is a type of contact dermatitis. In this condition, contact with certain plant chemicals can cause skin inflammation when exposed to sunlight. It’s less common than other types of contact dermatitis.

The symptoms of phytophotodermatitis can be worrisome, but the condition usually goes away on its own over time. More serious cases may be treated by a dermatologist.

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