Chris Lane’s Twin Brother Joins Him on Stage to Sing “Small Town On It” {WATCH}

Chris Lane’s identical twin brother joined him on stage at a recent concert and some audience members were shook.

Chris’s brother Cory is also a musician who’s been known to play drums in Chris’s band.  Not only do they look alike, but they sing alike too.

One fan was unaware and surprised with Cory walked out on stage to sing “Small Town On It.”

In a video shared on TikTok, user @michellefales wrote, “So apparently Chris Lane has an identical twin brother who can also sing country music angelically ?????!!!!!.” The video received 100K reactions and hundreds of comments as of publication time on Wednesday (June 29).

Watch below.

@michellefalesI’m addicted to going to country concerts

♬ original sound – Michelle Fales

Fans chimed in commenting on the video with one user writing, “Chris Lane is like “check out my party trick” 😂

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Another fan commented, “Go look up their American Idol audition🤣🙏🏼 I love it. They’ve come a long way.”

They certainly have.  Watch below.