Peninsula Reginal Animal Shelter is FULL; Seeks Adopters and Foster Families for Large Dogs

Furry Friday with Stephanie Taylor:

Nena is up for adoption at Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter. She is almost 2 years old and is currently in foster care where she lives with two other dogs.

The first thing you need to know is that I’m a lot of fun. I can have a goodtime just about anywhere.

I also love snacks! Cookies, tater tots, pup cups, and nuggets are just some of my faves. I’m also a professional treat catcher. My foster parents will toss me cheese or cut up apple slices and I can get them to land right in my mouth!

In my foster home, I live with 2 other dogs. I think eventually I will grow to love them but right now, I’m happy to be your one and only! We’ve been working on very slow introductions so that I become more familiar with them. Quality relationships are built over time!

I am VERY loyal to my people and definitely BFF material. I just love spending time with my family and making them laugh. Need a couch cuddling buddy while we binge watch Gilmore Girls for the 4th time? Count me in! Are you looking for some friendly company to join you on a hike? I’m your girl! Want to grab a pup cup from Starbs before we hit the town to run some errands? Count me in!!

As if I’m not already perfect enough- I know all kinds of cool tricks and I don’t mind baths at all. I’m always looking to learn something new and make you proud!

Some other fun facts about Nena:

  • She does great with kids 

  • She knows sit, stay, come, go to your crate, fetch, leave it, and shake (paw)

  • She does great with baths

Nena has her own Instagram account where people can follow her story and reach out with inquiries! (@nenabeana_PRAS).


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