Morgan Wallen Meets With Fan Who Was Arrested Wearing His Mugshot T-Shirt

A Morgan Wallen fan recently made the news when he was arrested while wearing a T-shirt with Morgan’s mugshot on it.

20-year-old Zachary Horne was allegedly arrested for underage possession of alcohol and held at the Belknap County Jail in Laconia, according to The Smoking Gun.

After the photo went viral, Wallen shared the incident on his Instagram story saying, “We’ve all been there bub… wish I saw this sooner, I woulda bailed him out.

Well, Morgan may have been too late to bail him out, but he did track him down to invite him out to a show.

According to Music Mayhem, a member of Wallen’s team, @jjlilhefe, shared on his Instagram story, “@morganwallen heard about Zach’s story and asked me to find him and make sure he didn’t do anything too crazy. After hearing his story, [we] realized he was a good kid who made a mistake and was embarrassed so we decided to change the narrative. What a great night lol been locked up a few times I don’t miss those nights.”

The pair met up and Zachary shared a photo of them wearing each other’s mugshot shirts saying, “nothing short of life-changing! Down and out a few weeks back but had Morgan & his team to lift me up last night with a kick ass concert and experience. Learn from your mistakes and surround yourself with people who support you! Thanks for everything team Morgan.”

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