WATCH: Morgan Wallen Stops Concert To Help Fan Who Passed Out

Morgan Wallen stopped his concert in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania on Thursday after he noticed a fan had passed out in the crowd.

The country singer paused the show to make sure the fan was okay asking if they needed water or a towel and then told the crowd to “make a little walkway” for the paramedics to get through.

“We got somebody hurt down here. Y’all need some water? A towel?” Wallen told the audience. ”I guess somebody passed out down there, y’all make a little walkway for the paramedics to get through there please. I don’t know where they’re going to be coming from. They’re going to come from this side right here, so y’all make a little walkway for them.”

@smediumdaddy Morgan stopped his show to make aure his fans were ok! @Tawnya rae @morganwallen #fyp #morganwallen #hardy #kameronmarlowe ♬ original sound – AJ Saul

Morgan then waited for the medical team to assist before going back into his performance.

“Y’all just tell me when I’m good to go again,” he told the paramedics.  He was eventually able to resume the sold-out show.

@smediumdaddy Such an amazing experience seeing @morganwallen live!! Worth every penny of the ticket price! @Tawnya rae #fyp #morganwallen #countrymusic ♬ original sound – AJ Saul

It wasn’t the only incident that took place that night, his opening act, Kameron Marlowe, fell into the pit while performing!

Marlowe posted a clip of it and wrote, “First night of the Dangerous Tour ended with a bang.  Literally.”

Fellow country singers chimed in with their own stage mishaps with Thomas Rhett sharing “Dude I’ve been there” and Granger Smith writing “Bro! I broke 2 ribs and punctured a lung doing that. Glad you’re okay!