George Strait’s “Carrying Your Love With Me” Becomes Viral TikTok Trend

George Strait’s 1997 hit “Carrying Your Love With Me” is having a moment on TikTok thanks to West Virginia native David Morris.

The singer shared a new song titled, “Carrying Your Love,” which includes rap elements and samples the chorus of Strait’s original song.

This remixed version has taken off on TikTok with users displaying their love for their significant others, kids, and pets to the tune of the viral song.

@ryankuechler my little man #miniaturedachshund ♬ Carrying Your Love – David Morris

Not all users are fans of the new version, however.


♬ Carrying Your Love With Me – George Strait

and many fans are also using the original version to continue the trend.

@allisonruettiger #lucylou #fyp #foryou #ShowUrGrillSkillz ♬ Carrying Your Love With Me – George Strait

To join the trend, pick your favorite version and show how you carry your loved ones with you.

@jadenandandy She sheds so much 🥵🥵 #couples #dating #relationshipgoals #marriedlife #couplesgoals #marriedlife #dating #couplescomedy ♬ Carrying Your Love – David Morris

@mamakarlsss #greenscreen ♬ Carrying Your Love – David Morris

“I grew up listening to King George, so many of his songs hold a special place in my heart,” Morris shared in a comment on YouTube. “But ‘Carrying Your Love With Me’ in particular has always been a favorite. (I’m from West Virginia and I live in Tennessee now, so you can understand why).”

“I got this sample cleared. I got permission from the original songwriters,” he explains. “I release this song with their blessing, and not only are they credited on my record, but they will receive publishing royalties as well. Respect to them and respect to King George!”

@davidmorris peep the sound for song title. it’s avail everywhre u listen to music #countryrap #remix #sample #fyp ♬ Carrying Your Love – David Morris