Kenny Chesney Responds to Tragic Death of Fan at Denver Concert: “I Grieve With and for Them”

Tragedy struck Kenny Chesney’s show in Denver on Saturday when a fan fell off the side of an escalator and died.

According to police, the woman was sitting on a railing of the escalator when she fell to the concourse below and died as a result of her injuries.

Kenny shared a statement to The Denver Post saying, “I was devastated to learn of the loss of someone after our show. There had been so much joy, so much heart coming from the people of Denver last night — and to hear this is heartbreaking.”

“Life is precious. Sharing music brings us together and that love we share makes us so much more,” he continued. “For the lady who came to share that love, there are no words. For her friends and family’s loss, I grieve with them and for them.”

(Denver Post)