Stingrays Are Awesome and Now We Know That They Talk To Each Other. {Watch}

Is there anything more awesome than a stingray? I really don’t think there is. It always looks like they’re smiling at you and they look awesome!

I always figured there was some language in the ocean that allows all the different species to communicate with each other. For example, I always thought the ‘Jaws’ theme followed along with every great white shark swimming in the ocean right now. Does it not? We’ve heard Whales sing and they are heard from different parts of the world. Now, we can listen to a stingray talking. Probably telling whoever is filming to back up, sucka!

They say these clicking sounds are historic. Up until recently, ocean scientists believed stingrays were silent creatures. Not anymore! Listen to this beauty sing. Sounds like Sinatra to me. Check it out!