Gabby Barrett Shares Health Update Amidst Second Pregnancy: “It’s Getting Difficult”

Gabby Barrett took to Instagram to answer fans’ questions over the weekend, including ones about new music and her second pregnancy.

The country singer, who is due in November, is currently out on the road with Jason Aldean and she told fans that her energy level has been low lately.

“Okay. I love performing. It is getting difficult though. What people don’t really see is there is alooooooottt of sitting around all day before the show… Which makes everyone groggy,” Barrett shared. ”I struggle with very low blood pressure almost everyday in this pregnancy which makes it hard to have energy to perform.” (quote via Country Now)

Gabby shared with fans that during her first pregnancy “I got a very bad case of PUPPS rash that covered my entire body, until after I delivered & I got postpartum preeclampsia. I had to get on blood pressure medication when I was 20… Thankful God provides doctors for help.”

According to The Cleveland Clinic, A PUPPP rash (short for pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy) “is an extremely irritating hive-like rash that can affect you during pregnancy. It’s harmless to both you and your baby, but it can be a pain to manage in the meantime. Your healthcare provider can recommend treatments to relieve the itching. PUPPP usually goes away on its own after your baby is born.”

Gabby also revealed the couple has yet to settle on a name for their baby boy. “We are a bit stuck. We don’t have an official full name like we did with Baylah right away. We will have to wait and see him,” she wrote.

The “I Hope” singer will depart Jason Aldean’s tour on August 27th to go on maternity leave.

(Country Now)

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