Luke Combs Refunds Concert Tickets After Experiencing Vocal Issues and Plays Free Show for Fans: “I’m So Sorry”

Luke Combs performed back-to-back shows in Bangor, Maine this weekend.  During night two, Luke began experiencing vocal issues.  He told the crowd, “A few hours ago I realized I was not going to be able to sing as good as I normally do”

Luke said it just didn’t feel right to charge them and he was giving everyone a refund . . . but promised that he and his band were still going to “put on the best FREE show” they possibly could.

“All I want you to know is that we’re going to do the very damn best…I’m going to give you everything that I have,” he added. ” I’m so sorry.”

A fan in attendance shared that Luke “started the show by addressing the crowd to say that he had lost his voice from the night before. He acknowledged all that goes into coming to a show- the tickets, gas money, babysitters, hotels and stated that because he didn’t feel he could give his best performance that he would be refunding everyone’s tickets. He became tearful as he shared this news, and asked for help from the crowd to sing his songs – and we did. It was incredibly moving and heartfelt.”

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