Miranda Lambert Says She Moved One of Her Hit Songs to the End of the Playlist Because “The Girls Always Get in Fights”

Miranda Lambert sat down with Cowboys and Indians magazine to talk about her Las Vegas residency and what fans can expect from her show.

In the interview, Miranda said her hit songs “Kerosene” and “Gunpowder and Lead” are “the kinds of songs that are staples. So they’re in there. I can’t get away from them, but I’m not tired of them yet. ‘Kerosene’ for sure. It’s like the OG, it started this whole ball rolling.”

She also revealed she had to move of her most popular songs due to fighting in the audience.  Miranda told the outlet, “ We had to move [Mama’s Broken Heart] in the set list because we had it right after “The House That Built Me” — or right before “The House That Built Me,” actually — and the girls always get in fights. And I’d have to wait to start my ballad because they’d have to calm down from “Mama’s Broken Heart.” So we moved it down into what we call the final push, which is “Mama’s Broken Heart,” “Gunpowder & Lead,” “Little Red Wagon,” and “Drunk.” We do this final push at the end of the show. So, if the girls were fighting, they could just fight through the rest of the set.”

Miranda’s Las Vegas residency kicks off on September 23.