WATCH: Annaliese’s Virginia Beach Boardwalk TikTok Is Getting A Lot of Views!

While I don’t post on TikTok every single day, I do enjoy using it to post fun little video updates from time to time. I feel like most of my videos are mini travel vlogs from my various adventures, but sometimes I get inspired in day-to-day life to post something randomly. That’s what happened on this past Saturday, and now this has strangely become one of my most viewed videos!

My boyfriend and I went down to the Oceanfront on Saturday morning to walk the Boardwalk and see if there was anything crazy after the storm on Friday. Fortunately, there wasn’t anything too much out of place to see. The exception though was a ton of sand that had washed up from the beach onto the Boardwalk, and had almost entirely covered some park benches! What a sight.

I took a quick video of the sand covered benches to post on TikTok, thinking that it would get a few hundred views at most (what most of my videos get). Imagine my shock when this morning I saw it was at just shy of 10,000 views!


That sand isn’t supposed to be over there! 👀🏖️ Feeling thankful that Virginia Beach had a very mild storm- thinking of those in Florida! #hurricaneian #hurricane #stormseason #beachvibes #virginiabeach #oceanfront #virginiabeachoceanfront #757

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Stay warm and dry as the storms continue today in Hampton Roads!