Jackson Dean Got “The Talk” from Clay Walker, Who Got It from George Strait [LISTEN]

Jackson Dean says the best career advice he ever got came from Clay Walker.  It was the same “talk” that Clay got from George Strait.  

“He literally started, and he goes, ‘George Strait gave me this talk when I was about your age, and now I’m givin’ it to you,’ Jackson shared with his record label.

“No matter what, you have to put this first, cause if you don’t your family doesn’t eat. Whatever you have to do to keep yourself runnin’, do it,” Jackson continued. “Whoever has to go, whoever has to step in, make it happen. And just make sure that you keep yourself straight. Clay Walker was that guy for me. He gave me “the talk.’”

Later this year Jackson will be opening a handful of dates for Hardy in December.  Then in February, he will begin opening for Blake Shelton on his Back to the Honky Tonk Tour, and we have a feeling Blake will not be shy about doling out advice to Jackson about staying out of trouble and keeping his focus on building his career.  And we are certain Jackson will be grateful to listen to anty advice Blake has to share with him.