Brothers Osborne’s John Osborne and Wife Lucie Silvas Expecting Twins: ‘A Very Long Tough Journey’

The Brothers Osborne’s John Osborne is going to be a dad!

One-half of the CMA Vocal Duo of the Year announced the news ahead of the CMA Awards broadcast that he is expecting twins with his wife. Lucie Silvas!

In an interview with PEOPLE, the couple shared that they underwent in vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive their babies, and want to be open about their experience.

“We went through a very long, tough journey with IVF to get to this point,” Silvas explains. “We had an embryo transfer where we transferred two embryos thinking that would give us a better chance of getting one [baby], but we got two. I think deep down, we were hoping for two.”

“We were,” confirms Osborne, as Silvas jokes, “We know, we know — ‘Oh my God, what are we wishing for here?!'”

Jokes aside, the couple explained their journey with IVF was a “long struggle.

“Every little seemingly small step for some people in this journey, for those that have had to endure IVF numerous times, you start to very much appreciate every little achieved goal in the process. We certainly do,” John said.

Despite the struggle, they said they are both so grateful that IVF exists. “We’re lucky that we live in an era where we can do that,” John shared. “live in an era where science is allowing us to have children and for that, we couldn’t be more lucky.”