Senior Pets Overlooked at Local Animal Shelter Need Your Help

It’s Furry Friday brought to you by Line-X of Chesapeake and I went to visit Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center where I met a sweet senior up for adoption named Alanis aka Lonnie.

Lonnie with Stephanie Taylor


Lonnie is about 12 years old, LOVES people, and is good with kids. She is a little hard of hearing and needs to be the only pet in the home. As a senior, her adoption fee is waived!

Virginia Animal Care and Adoption Center is full of senior dogs and cats right now waiting for their forever homes.

Senior pets have lots of love to give! Cats and small dogs are typically considered a senior at the age of 7, while larger dogs are usually considered a senior when they’re 5 or 6 years old, though it varies by the pet.

5 reasons to adopt a senior pet:

  • When you adopt an older dog or cat, they are usually potty-trained and have developed their personalities, so you know the temperament of the dog or cat you’re adopting.

  • Senior pets are typically the last to be adopted at shelters, if at all. When you adopt a senior pet, you are literally saving a life. Adopt yours today!

  • Senior dogs and cats make great napping buddies.

  • They need less supervision. Take your eyes off your newly adopted kitten for just a few seconds and they’ll intercept your Zoom at the speed of light (not that we’re complaining). A senior pet, on the other hand, can remain perfectly content while you work in your home office or even while you leave to run errands.

  • An old dog can learn new tricks! Senior pets are teachable, contrary to popular belief.

Can’t adopt but still want to help? Share this post or check out this list of donation items needed!