Caroline Bryan Shares Hilarious Mom Fail: “There’s No Telling What Everyone Was Thinking About Me”

Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline has a great sense of humor and knows when to laugh at herself.

She recalled the story of a recent mom fail that involved a bottle of vodka in the school pickup line.

Caroline shared that she was at her office in the morning where she grabbed a bottle of vodka to share with friends later that night.  She threw it in the backseat of her car and promptly forgot about it…until she went to pick her kids up at school.  In the middle of the school pick-up line, the bottle rolled out of her car and shattered on the ground in front of “parents, teachers, students, everybody.”

“Everybody saw it, there’s no telling what everyone was thinking about me,” she shared.

Caroline captioned the hilarious video, “I don’t always embarrass myself…but when I do, Titos is typically involved! Tell me your embarrassing story…help me feel better! #mortified”

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Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins