Carly Pearce Reveals Why She Once Had a Warrant Out For Her Arrest in Now-Deleted Video

Carly Pearce once got into a little trouble with the law and shared the story in a “get ready with me video” this weekend.

While applying the finishing touches on her makeup, the country singer told the story of how she was pulled over for speeding in her home state of Kentucky,

She explained that she paid the fine but didn’t realize she was additionally charged with reckless driving and had to appear in court.  When the “What He Didn’t Do Singer” failed to appear, she received a call saying there was a warrant out for her arrest.

The singer said she the officer was a country music fan so “I bartered my way to pay the ticket and give him tickets to my show – and he dropped the warrant, or the charge or whatever you want to call it.”

Carly later deleted the video…but not before the story got out.