Morgan Wallen Reveals He Actually Recorded 42 Songs for “One Thing at a Time” and Why He Cut Them

Morgan Wallen’s new 36-song album is already breaking records. According to Billboard, ‘One Thing at a Time’ has the largest streaming week ever for a country album.

The album has earned more than 400,000 equivalent album units in the U.S. in its first five days.

It turns out, the album almost included six more songs. Morgan revealed on Country Countdown USA, “we actually cut 42 songs and then after three or four months living with them, about six of ’em got old to me, so I threw them off,” Wallen explains, “But the other ones I never got tired of.”

“And that’s with me spending hours and hours and hours with each song,” he says. “So I figured if I’m not tired of ’em, then hopefully the other people won’t be, either.”

“That’s kind of the same approach we took with Dangerous. We threw a couple off of that album too, but we kept the majority. I’m aware that it’s a lot of songs, but I also got to experiment with some different sounds and different things that I love,” Wallen added.

Wallen currently has three songs on the Billboard country charts. His hit, “Thought You Should Know,” is in the Top 5. Plus he wrote two other songs in the Top 15, “Wild as Her” by Corey Kent and “Brown Eyes Baby” by Keith Urban.

Wallen told host Lon Helton that “Wild As Her” was “one of the first songs I wrote when I came to Nashville.  For some reason I never cut it.  I’m proud, I didn’t realize these songs were where they are on the chart until I came in today. So this is cool, it’s a nice surprise for me!”

The second song Morgan had a hand in writing is “Brown Eyes Baby” by Keith Urban: “I don’t remember how long ago it was I wrote it.  I didn’t feel like it was a song I would record. We sent it to Keith, and he said he was gonna cut it.  It’s cool for me, because I was a teenager when I first heard Keith Urban.  I loved his music, and so to have that full circle moment, it’s pretty mind blowing.”