Tim McGraw Helps Father with Terminal Cancer Fulfill Wish For Daughters

A Florida man with terminal brain cancer turned to Tim McGraw to help him fulfill his wish to be a part of his daughters’ future weddings.Michael Hugo is just 37 years old and was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma in April 2033.

“I know the statistics,” he shared with 25 WPBF News, “The statistics for glioblastoma are a median survival of 14 months; half the people are dead by 14 months. The five-year survival is four or five percent.”

Huge is a father to two girls, ages 6 and 7, and upon learning about his diagnosis he began writing letters to leave his daughters for milestones and birthdays.

There was one more thing he wanted do for his girls and he turned to Tim McGraw to help him.

“I did the daddy-daughter dance in Wellington, and that was awesome,” he said. “That kind of made me think, ‘Man, I want to dance with my kids at their wedding.’”

So he took to social media for help. He shared a video asking Tim McGraw to record a duet with him of “My Little Girl” that can play at his daughters’ future weddings.

The video went viral and found its way to Tim who met with the Hugo family.

In a snippet of videos, Tim meets with Hugo and his family, and the singer says they made the duet performance happen — though that footage itself won’t be played until Hugo’s daughters have their wedding days.

“Thanx to everyone who shared Mike Hugo’s video on social media and tagged me in the comments,” McGraw writes in the caption. “So glad we were able to actually get together in person, meet this amazing family and make it happen!” He adds, “Mike is saving the videos for his daughters’ future weddings … what a special thing to be part of.”

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