Should You Dye Potatoes Instead of Eggs This Easter to Save Money? We Tested This Viral Trend

Egg prices are still high, so some families may be thinking twice about using several cartons for Easter egg coloring.  And now, there may be a cheaper alternative:  POTATOES!

So many people began joking about using potatoes as an alternative that we decided to see if it REALLY works.

I got a bag of small potatoes and an Easter Egg dying kit.

My first thought- it isn’t as fun as dying eggs for sure! My second thought…it’s not working! That’s when I realized you need to peel your potatoes first! 🙂

On my second attempt, the colors came out much more vibrant but it still looks like a dyed potato…not an Easter Egg. And in a few cases, more liked dyed rocks but they were still fun to hide around the office thanks to some help from the Eagle Easter Bunny (aka Annaliese).

@973theeagle #easterpotatoes we tested this viral meme to see if it really works. @miss_alk @973stephanie ♬ Cena Engraçada e Inusitada – HarmonicoHCO

So If you’re REALLY looking to save money, consider having your kids hunt for good ROCKS to paint. That even has the added “fun” of hunting for the rocks you want to use as a canvas. Plus, they won’t break . . . they could be easier to paint than potatoes . . . and if any of them are not found, your house won’t reek.