‘Land of Oz’ Theme Park to Reopen in NC with “Autumn in Oz Festival”

Somewhere over the rainbow in North Carolina, the Land of Oz returns.

Organizers announced the Land of Oz Theme Park, located in Beach Mountain, NC, will be reopened to the public on select days in 2023 and the “Autumn at Oz Festival” will return this fall.

The festival will feature arts & crafts, food vendors, and a “completely immersive theatrical experience where guests are engulfed into the classic story as you travel into the Gale Kansas Farm, through the tornado experience, and down the yellow brick road to the Emerald City.”

This year’s “Autumn at Oz Festival” marks the park’s 30th anniversary. Tickets go on sale sometime in late June.

The Land of Oz was a fully functioning theme park that operated between 1970-1980.  After a fire in 1975, the park was rebuilt and operational until it closed for in the fall of 1980.

Since then, original park employees, known as the “Ozzies,” held yearly re-openings known as the Autumn at Oz Festival.

(WAVY-TV 10)