Adoptable Animals, a Petting Zoo, and More at the Peninsula SPCA; Visit Today!

Have you visited the Peninsula SPCA recently?

Precious is one of the first things you see when you enter the Peninsula SPCA. He’s not up for adoption but many other animals are…

He is over 20 yrs. old He was dropped off on their doorstep in 2014. He will say words like “hello” and “get out” when it’s closing time. He loves to dance and interact with visitors but he absolutely hates flies and will tell you when one is in his room!

In addition to wonderful animals up for adoption (like our Furry Friend of the week Fox), they also have a barnyard where you can visit with family and friends!

Before we get to the barnyard fun…let’s introduce Fox.  He is a handsome 4 or 5-year-old lab mix who despite his size, wants to be the only baby in the house.  So no other pets or small children.  He is great with everyone he meets but sometimes doesn’t know his own size/strength.  He LOVES his toys and food and wants to keep them all to himself.  Fox is a smart boy and fully house-trained…he won’t even go in his own kennel!   

Stephanie with Fox

Care-A-Lot and PSPCA have partnered to help promote adoptions. When you adopt a cat or dog from PSPCA you will receive an adoption start-up kit valued up to $270!


Adopt Fox!

Annaliese and I visited PSPCA together and couldn’t resist playing with and feeding the barnyard animals.  They have alpacas, donkeys, goats, bunnies, and more!

Curly (not up for adoption)


(barnyard animals are not up for adoption)

They also offer children’s parties in the barnyard.  You can host a birthday party, petting party, adoption party, and more! Check out all the details here.

(barnyard animals are not up for adoption)

Visit Peninsula SPCA at 523 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard Newport News, VA 23601. Monday-Saturday: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.