Morgan Wallen’s Label CEO Shuts Down Accusation He Was ‘Too Drunk’ to Perform Canceled Concert

Morgan Wallen’s last-minute show cancellation on Sunday, because he lost his voice, is still reverberating . . . everywhere.  Let’s start with what we know for sure.  As you may have heard, he postponed three more shows.

He released a statement saying that he’s “on doctor-ordered vocal rest” so he’s rescheduling those concerts for later this year.  He added, “I appreciate and understand everything you do to get to my shows, so it would be unfair of me to put on a show that I know will not be 100%.  I’m doing everything I can to speed up the process of getting to that 100% mark.”

Following the cancellation Sunday, a TikTok video making the rounds of a security guard talking to some fans at the concert.  He tells them the “lost voice story” is “bullcrap” and claims that Morgan couldn’t perform because he was too drunk to walk, and that an “ambulance took him”.  (Profanity Warning:  Here’s the video.)

The security company, Best Crowd Management, responded to the viral video  saying, “A hired employee made false claims related to Morgan Wallen’s concert, and we do not stand behind the detail in his statement.”

PEOPLE reports that Seth England, CEO of Wallen’s label Big Loud Records, then shared the statement on his own Instagram Story and thanked the company.

“Thank you @bestcrowdmanagement for correcting your employee, who made up an entire story that was nowhere close to true. Every detail was false,” he reportedly wrote. “Laughable what some people will just say for a reaction,” continued England.

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