Bailey Zimmerman Brings Real-Life Heartbreak to “Religiously” Music Video [WATCH]

Bailey Zimmerman has released the new music video for his song “Religiously” – which is the title track to his recently released album.

When it came time for Bailey to work on the tracks for Religiously. The Album., he focused on writing songs that he thought he would have liked to listen to when he was at a relationship low point in his life.

“This video brings (‘Religiously’) to life by putting my real life into the music video,” Zimmerman shared with CMT. “I truly love being on stage. But then, when I get off, I do think about her and what could have been. I think about a lot of things. The music video really relates to my real life.”

“The one thing I hope fans take away from this video is that everybody goes through heartbreak,” he said. “It sucks at the time, but you’re going to think about them, and you’re going to think about what could have been. But man, what happens happens. And everything happens for a reason. I just hope (they) take that from it.”

Check out the music video for Bailey Zimmerman’s “Religiously” below.

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