Kimberly Perry Opens Up About Pregnancy Loss and How it Inspired “If I Die, Young, Part 2”

Kimberly Perry’s first solo release,“If I Die Young Part 2,” is climbing the charts now and the singer revealed a personal tragedy inspired the version.

In a mini-documentary shared on YouTube Perry reveals, “I had just gone through a miscarriage a few months before, which was a sad time.  So, while writing ‘Part Two’, it was like ‘I’d love to set this intention that there’s a baby coming.  A healthy baby who’s going to be here at some point.’

“It felt like it really held hands with the original because the entire original version was this romantic plea for all the things I was hoping for . . . and a few months after we recorded this song, I found out I was pregnant.”

Perry and her husband, Johnny Costello, tied the knot in 2021 and their first child is due this August.

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