Ashley McBryde Announces New Album, ‘The Devil I Know’

Ashley McBryde has new music coming! The singer announced her fourth album, The Devil I Know, will drop on Sept. 8.

She released a statement on social media saying, “You guys are great but you’re a little too rock and roll.“ “Man y’all are good but you need less tender songs.“ “If there’s such a thing as to (sic) country, that song is it.” You spoke. I listened. The Devil I Know. September 8. Buckle up.”

McBryde gave fans a preview of the album with a track titled “Learned to Lie.” She shared that the song is “a little more of our story. Maybe more than was intended to be told.  But it’s honest, and I hope you take away something positive from it.”

Ashley McByde, The Devil I Know Track List:

1. “Made for This” (Ashley McBryde and Travis Meadows)
2. “Coldest Beer in Town” (McBryde, Autumn McEntire and Nicolette Hayford)
3. “Light on in the Kitchen” (McBryde, Jessi Alexander and Connie Harrington)
4. “Women Ain’t Whiskey” (McBryde, Hillary Lindsey, Jon Nite and Chris LaCorte)
5. “Learned to Lie” (McBryde, Hayford and Sean McConnell)
6. “The Devil I Know” (McBryde, Jeremy Stover and Bobby Pinson)
7. “Single at the Same Time” (McBryde, Benjy Davis and Andy Albert)
8. “Cool Little Bars” (McBryde, Trick Savage and Lainey Wilson)
9. “Whiskey and Country Music” (McBryde, John Osborne and Lee Thomas Miller)
10. “Blackout Betty” (McBryde, Aaron Raitiere and Hayford)
11. “6th of October” (McBryde, Blue Foley and CJ Field)