Millions of Mormon Crickets Have Taken Over Elko, Nevada. {Watch}

Hey, Jiminy Cricket! Tell your friends they overstayed their welcome. Speaking of Jiminy Cricket, when’s he going to get his own real-life movie? Remember, your conscious will always be your guide.

This is straight out of a 1960s horror movie. Millions of Mormon crickets have taken over Elko, Nevada and nobody knows why??? Evidently, much like the Cicada that popped a couple of years ago, these Mormon crickets have a similar every 20-year life cycle thingy. The sooner they leave, the better! Check it out!

@accuweather 🦗 Millions of Mormon crickets descended upon six counties in Nevada, creating a bug-invested nightmare for many residents. #crickets #bugs #elko #nevada #trending #fyp ♬ original sound – AccuWeather