McDonald’s is Saying Goodbye to These Bakery Items

McDonald’s has some good news and bad news for fans.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first…

The popular fast-food chain announced they’re discontinuing their entire McCafé bakery line-up.  That means their apple fritters, blueberry muffins, and their cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing.

If you’re a fan of their apple pie or chocolate chip cookies, you’re in the clear.  Those items will stay.

McDonald’s shared in a statement that they’re “always listening to [their] fans and adjusting [the] menu based on what they crave.”

Now are you ready for the good news?  There’s a new savory muffin coming to select locations. A cheesy jalapeño McMuffins, as well as a Cheesy Jalapeño Quarter Pounder, will be available for a limited time.

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