Kelsea Ballerini is ‘Rolling Up the Welcome Mat For Good’ with Deluxe EP

Kelsea Ballerini is rolling up the welcome mat again…with a deluxe EP.  “Rolling Up the Welcome Mat (For Good)” will be released on Aug. 11th.

Over the course of her Heartfirst tour, Ballerini changed up the lyrics to songs from her recent album Subject to Change.  The new EP will reflect those changes, and include one new song, called “How Do I Do This.”

Ballerini shared that she is releasing the new version of the album written about her divorce with a caveat. “I ask that you help this be ours and let the music simply be the music, not dig back into the experience that it was written about nearly a year ago,” she shared. “As a songwriter, producer, artist i’m proud and protective of this EP, and as a woman and human also proud and protective of the new, happy season of life i’m in. my real hope is for us to continue growing, healing, and evolving together with acceptance and kindness.”