Kelsea Ballerini Pulls Off Mind-Blowing Outfit Change During VMAs Performance [WATCH]

Kelsea Ballerini celebrated her 30th birthday by performing on MTV’s Video Music Awards.

The country singer took the stage to sing “Penthouse” and delivered a mind-blowing outfit change.  At the climax of the song, a  bright light flashed and fog surrounded Ballerini.  When it faded, she was wearing a completely different dress!

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So how did she pull off the stunt?  Kelsea took to TikTok following the show to explain that the dress included a tearaway function.  At the pivotal moment, she pulls off the white dress and it’s whisked away behind her as she continues on with the performance.

She captioned the video, “telling my future children i was once houdini”

@kelseaballerini telling my future children i was once houdini #penthouse #vmas ♬ original sound – Kelsea Ballerini