Toby Keith Gives Health Update and Gives Poignant Performance at People’s Choice Country Awards

The inaugural “People’s Choice Country Awards” took place on September 28th, shining a spotlight on the industry’s icons. Among the honorees was Toby Keith, who received the esteemed Country Music Icon Award.

Prior to the event, Keith and his wife Tricia Lucas walked the blue carpet, where the country singer opened up about his battle against stomach cancer.

In an interview with WSMV’s Kristin Cavallari, He stated, “I’m still getting taught. It’s up and down.”

He went on to emphasize the importance of faith during tough times, noting that relying on one’s faith is paramount. Toby mentioned the unwavering support he felt, expressing, “The Almighty’s been riding shotgun for me . . . when you get in your darkest hallways, you just have to do what’s next. That’s what you do.”

Later during the show, Toby Keith took the stage to perform “Don’t Let the Old Man In.” When asked about his song choice in a separate interview, he revealed, “Because I’ve been going through the cancer fight, and it’s inspiring for a lot of people, [so] I thought it was fitting.”

In his acceptance speech, Keith joked “Bet you never thought you’d see me in skinny jeans.”

Check out more highlights from the show below.

Editorial credit: Featureflash Photo Agency