8th Grader Wins School’s Talent Show with Cover of Jelly Roll’s “Save Me” [WATCH]

An eighth-grader in West Virginia named Gage Jude won his middle school talent show last week with a cover of “Save Me” by Jelly Roll.

Gage’s mom shared the video on TikTok last Tuesday hoping Jelly Roll would see it.

@tabs0910 @Bunnie Xo 🪄 help get this to jelly roll it would make my boys day!! #fypシ゚viral #schooltalentshow #1stplacewinner #jellyandbunnie #jellyroll ♬ original sound – Tabitha Ferguson

He did!  Jelly Roll shared it on his Instagram story and also commented on TikTok writing, “This is incredible- wow man— hell yea! And playing the guitar at the same time- hearing the crowd sing with him is special.”

The morning after the talent show, Gage didn’t know that his favorite country singer saw the video…until the school announced it over the P.A. system.  Check out the video below.

@tabs0910 As requested heres his reaction! #fypシ゚viral #schooltalentshow #jellyroll #bunniexo ♬ original sound – Tabitha Ferguson