106-Year-Old Granny Gets Real With Her 38-Year-Old Granddaughter and It’s Hilarious! {Watch}

I spent a lot of time with my grandparents growing up and one thing that I could bet on, even at a young age, was that my grandma and my granddad were going to be real with me, all the time. Also, they were going to put me to work like nobody else would. I can remember a time when my granddad had me on the roof helping him replace an air conditioner. He tied a rope around my waist so that I wouldn’t fall. I may have been 7 or 8. I’m fine, look at me now. I can hear Annaliese laughing in the background.

Listen, if Grandma has some advice for you, you best listen. They’re a whole lot smarter than we are and they’ve been there and done that over and over again. I’ve said it a hundred times, if you’re fortunate enough to have your grandparents, especially if they’re north of 80, have meaningful conversations with them. Ask them about life and advice. You won’t regret it.

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