Dolly Parton Crushes Halftime Show in Dallas! {Watch}

First off, I can’t believe Thanksgiving has come and gone. Time goes by so fast except for when I’m at work. What’s that all about? I’m going to blink and it’ll be the mass wedding. By the way, that’s coming up and we’d love to have you. Keep listening for details.

Now, when it comes to the games, they were terrible! Outside of Detroit and Green Bay, the rest of the games were total blowouts not worth watching. Dallas killed Washington and San Francisco destroyed the Seahawks. I saw the Jack Harlow performance during the Lions and Packers but didn’t overthink it. I guess I’m not good at judging the quality of halftime shows. Evidently, I was the only one because the dude got killed online for such a weak performance. On the other hand in the Big D, Dolly Parton brought the house down all while wearing a number 77 Cowboys cheerleader outfit. If you missed it, it was a good one!