Meet Cutie Patootie: Social and Sweet Cat Up for Adoption at Virginia Beach Animal Care Center for Just $1

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Update: Cutie Patootie was adopted!

Have you been thinking about expanding your furry family? Cutie Patootie is up for adoption at Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center.

Stephanie with Cutie Patootie

She was brought in as a stray and is very social.  Cutie Patootie loves interacting with both feline friends and humans alike! Cutie Patootie lives up to her name with her signature move…showing off her belly. She loves to flaunt her underside, a sign of trust and comfort in her surroundings. It’s a heartwarming gesture that shows she’s ready to share her affectionate nature with a loving family.

This sweet girl had the chance to take a break from shelter life and stayed with a foster family. Their report? Cutie Patootie is a friendly and outgoing cat, making her an ideal fit for a home with younger cats. However, she may be a bit too lively for senior feline companions.

Her adoption fee is just $1 at Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption center. This is a long-term adoption initiative, new to our shelter, but proven to be successful at many others. Adopters will get the benefit of a low-cost adoption fee when the time is right for them. No holiday special or adoption event needed; this price is here to stay!

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