Meet Jack Mercer: Our Furry Friday Pet of the Week at Portsmouth Humane Society!

Meet Jack Mercer, Furry Friday Pet of the Week from Pitbull Tobacco & More, at Portsmouth Humane Society.

He is a delightful puppy, and though we can’t pinpoint his exact breed, we can guarantee he’s a perfect blend of cuteness and boundless energy. He’s the last of his litter, patiently waiting for that special someone to take him home.

Can’t adopt right now but still want to make a difference? Ask about the “Paws Around P-Town” program!

Paws Around P-Town pairs members of the community with shelter dogs for field trips. Field Trips can last anywhere from two hours to all day, and can include a trip to one of the fabulous parks in Hampton Roads, a trip to the beach, a lunch at a pet-friendly restaurant, or even just a nap on the couch! Whether you already have a dog or are not ready to have one yet, it’s a great way to get your pet fix in.

You can sign up at for a time slot and become a temporary foster parent for a day.

Paws Around PTown is open to anyone aged 18 or older. Once you’ve signed up and arrived at the shelter, just fill out a waiver, and you’re ready to “check out” an adoptable dog for an unforgettable day. PHS provides all the essentials for a fantastic outing with your new four-legged friend.