Meet Cannon and Lil Miss: Two Playful Puppies in Need of a Loving Home

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Meet our Pet of the Week, Cannon!

Stephanie and Cannon

I met Cannon and his sister Lil Miss at Suffolk Humane Society this week.

They are black and white American bulldog mixes bursting with puppy energy at just 5 months old. 🐶 Cannon and Lil Miss are the last of their litter at Suffolk Humane Society.

Stephanie with Lil MIss

Interested in meeting one of them? 🤗 All of Suffolk Humane Society’s dogs are in foster care, so you can call or email to arrange a meet and greet. (757) 538-3030 or email [email protected].

Can’t adopt but still want to help? SACC subs program is a volunteer effort designed to assist Animal Control during after-hours by responding to reports of found pets. Volunteers focus on safely containing healthy and non-aggressive pets, aiming to alleviate the workload for Animal Control during times when they may not be readily available. This initiative fosters community engagement, providing a collaborative approach to pet welfare.