Jelly Roll Builds Music Studio in Juvenile Detention Center Where He Once Was Detained

Jelly Roll is setting a powerful example of giving back to the community, especially to those who are in a situation similar to what he faced growing up. The rapper and musician recently partnered with the non-profit organization “Beat for Life” to establish a music studio inside the Davidson County Juvenile Jail, a place where he spent time in his youth.

Joined by the Mayor of Nashville and 35 hit songwriters, Jelly Roll unveiled the new studio with a mix of gratitude and humor. “I never would’ve dreamed when I was sitting right there that I would one day come back and introduce the studio and all these songwriters would come out to support the cause,” he remarked, drawing laughter from the crowd. “And the [effing] Mayor would introduce me,” he added, continuing the lighthearted tone.

Reflecting on his past experiences in juvenile detention, Jelly Roll expressed the importance of providing support and mentorship to young individuals facing similar challenges. “When I was in juvenile, we never got a visitor. We never had a mentor… nobody ever came to see us,” he shared.

During the event, Jelly Roll also performed for the incarcerated youth, who later had the opportunity to collaborate with songwriters and craft their own songs. This initiative not only provides a creative outlet but also empowers these individuals to express themselves through music.

The studio serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, demonstrating Jelly Roll’s commitment to making a positive impact on vulnerable populations. Through music and mentorship, he is helping to create opportunities for growth and transformation, one song at a time.

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