Jelly Roll Partners with Dunkin’ on National Donut Day

Childhood nicknames don’t always stick into adulthood, but some are just extra sticky, like Jelly Roll. Jelly may have hoped he could ditch the toddler tag that his mother gave him, but thanks to his teenage friends, here we are.

It’s all working out for him, though. Today (Friday), Jelly Roll is partnering with Dunkin’ Donuts to celebrate National Donut Day. In a fun and flavorful ad, Jelly talks about his nickname and how he got it because of his love for donuts.

In the ad, Jelly Roll demonstrates a few donut-dunking styles, showcasing his playful personality. However, he does advise against the second technique: smashing your donut down onto a scalding-hot cup of coffee. Not the best idea!

To add more sweetness to the celebration, Dunkin’ and Jelly Roll announced new merchandise, including a trendy pink hoodie with the word “JELLY” emblazoned on the front.


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