2nd Date Update

We’re here to help people find love. It’s Second Date Update w/Cash & Carly.


It’s been interesting to see how creative some folks were while in quarantine. Do you put your dating life on hold during a pandemic? Yes, you do! Unless of course, you can come up with some interesting dates like these two. Was it enough to secure a second date? Let’s find out.


Fred and Anna hooked up before the quarantine shut everything down. Fred reached out and had a blast and would love to reconnect with Anna. However, a lot of time has passed, is Anna still interested in Fred? Let’s find out.

Anne and Patrick went out and had a great time. Then, out of nowhere, Anne stopped hearing from Patrick. Why? We better find out.

Carmen and Joe went out, then Joe found out one of his friends likes Carmen. Will it prevent them from going on a second date?

John and Christy went out, then John started asking a bunch of weird questions. Will they meet up again?

Natasha and Corey went to one of those escape rooms and Corey was talking about how he couldn’t escape fast enough. Will they go on another date?

Kari and Ray went out and had a blast. Then, Ray started ghosting Kari. Let’s find out why shall we?

James is really busy with his Accounting career. Will it ruin any chance he has on landing a second date with Maureen?

Mandy and Jeff went out, then Jeff found out that Mandy has a male roommate. Will it prevent them from going out on a second date?

Phil and Lynn went out and had a great time. Then, Phil found out Lynn went out with another guy before she went out with him and things got interesting.

Louey forgot his wallet on his first date with Sylvia. Sylvia isn’t having any of it. Will they go out on a second date?

Matt and Carly went out, then Matt started talking politics and Carly wasn’t having it. Will she agree to go out with Matt again?

Is it completely out of bounds to ask a woman how old she is on the first date? Becky thinks so. Will it prevent them from going on a second date?

Kelly and Gerard went out, ate great food, then it all fell apart. What happened?

Teresa tried to go out with Neil after her cat passed away. I don’t think it went over well…

Paul thought Dana made breakfast for him after a fun night out. Boy, was he wrong…Find out what happens here.

Jason and Katrina went out and Jason can’t figure out why Katrina hasn’t got back to him about going out again. Let’s see what’s going on.

Lindsey and Ben went out and everything seemed to go well. However, Lindsey never heard back from Ben. Let’s find out why…

Sean’s ego may prevent him from landing a second date with Casey.

Danny’s weird bumper stickers might prevent him from getting a second date with Michelle.

When you’re a serious gamer, maybe you shouldn’t play games on the first date…Will it lead to a second?

Stacey wasn’t too crazy about Joel calling her baby. Will it prevent them from going out on a second date?

Rebecca claims Joe was a little too shy for her. Will it prevent them from going out again?

Pat and Angie went out on a date and at some point, Angie injured Pat. Is the injury bad enough to prevent a second date?

Is it ok to interrogate someone on the first date? Not too sure Ross is cool with that.

Will Jack’s video game obsession prevent him from landing a second date?

More reasons to not leave the house unless you’ve checked with a female about the clothes you’re wearing. Will Josh’s weird clothing style prevent a second date?

Who would’ve thought that taking your date to the movies would ruin everything?

Jack and Shirley went out and now Jack hasn’t heard back from Shirley. I wonder why???

Oliver doesn’t believe in reading. Michelle insists that he does. Will it prevent them from going on a second date?

Eugene and Rachel went out. Then, Rachel hooked up with Dave at their Christmas party. Now, it’s a mess!

Ashley and Chris went out and apparently, Ashley brought the flu with her.

Will Scott’s ice skating injury prevent him from going on a second date with Jackie?

Will another guy ruin Jack’s chance of getting with Avery?

Charlotte was so bored on the date that she started making snoring sound effects. zzz… Will it prevents them from going on a second date?

Tara is looking for a real man. Damon’s idea of being manly is a little different than Tara’s. Will it prevent them from going out again?

Eric is a really nice guy. So nice that Megan is kind of turned off by it. Will they go out again?

Apparently, Linda drives too fast for Joe. Will it prevent them from going out again?

You know what they say about assuming things, right? Hopefully, Carla doesn’t assume herself out of a second date.

When you have an argument before you go on your first date, you should probably reconsider who you’re going out with, right?

Adrian like some photos of Jamie, now she’s not sure if she wants a second date.

Dorothy dropped a class in college and left Tim hanging. Will it prevent them from going out again?

If Joe isn’t careful, he’s going to talk himself out of a second date.

Carrie and Bill met while doing something incredible. Was it doomed from the get-go?

It wasn’t Russ, it was his roommate. Let’s see if Mary believes him.

It appears Vicki was expecting more on her date with Charles.

Eric lost interest when he saw Rebecca running away from him.

Mari and James went out on a date. Then, they ran into Mari’s ex and things got weird.

Patrick is such a dog lover that it may prevent him from landing the girl.