Thomas Rhett is Embracing the Dad Life: “My Shorts are Getting Shorter, I’m Carrying a Camera Everywhere.”

Thomas Rhett appeared on Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he talked about his new album, Luke Bryan’s offer to be his pool boy and embracing the dad life.

Ellen started off by asking Thomas about Luke Bryan’s comments that he would share Entertainer of The Year with him if he agreed to clean his pool.

Thomas also talked about how he’s excited to return to the stage but enjoyed the time with his family during quarantine.  He said they are “the light of my world,” and is full-on embracing the dad life.

“I’m wearing a polo at 4:30 on a Tuesday,” he joked.

“I mean my bus is filled with nothing but kid toys,” Thomas Rhett continued. “My shorts are getting shorter, I’m taking a camera everywhere I go — a big camera — tryna just capture all these moments and really just embracing the dad life.”