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Rescued Virginia Dog to Appear in 2023 Puppy Bowl!

Rescued Virginia Dog to Appear in 2023 Puppy Bowl!

 A Virginia puppy rescued from the Envigo breeding facility will be appearing on this year’s Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet!

June the beagle (originally named Allison) will be part of Team Fluff in the Puppy Bowl, which airs this Sunday, Feb. 12 at 2 p.m. on Animal Planet.

Fluvanna County based animal rescue Green Dogs Unleashed rescued 10 puppies from the Envigo breeding facility last year. Green Dogs Unleashed was happy to share that June has since been adopted by a wonderful family! (Green Dogs Unleased is also where Annaliese’s cat Delilah is from!)

[WATCH] Adorable Dogs Getting Picked Up for Daycare by School Bus!

[WATCH] Adorable Dogs Getting Picked Up for Daycare by School Bus!

This might be the cutest TikTok we’ve seen in a long time. There’s a dog daycare in Alaska that picks up its “students” everyday via school bus! The dogs all know the drill, and it’s adorable to see them get onto the bus. Watch below!

Boy with Autism Gets Recipe for His Favorite Waffles After They Were Discontinued

Boy with Autism Gets Recipe for His Favorite Waffles After They Were Discontinued

The organic food company Nature’s Path recently discontinued a line of frozen waffles and a mom in Canada panicked because they’re the only thing her nine-year-old autistic son will eat.

When the company heard about this, they tracked down all of the remaining boxes remained and delivered them to her for free!

The company also adapted the recipe for the product — which is usually made in massive batches — for home use so they never run out.

(Global News)



NEVER LOSE HOPE! Cat Timber found exactly one month after Camp Fire in Paradise, Ca

Video captured the emotional moment when a Paradise family reunited with their cat Timber – one month after the state’s most destructive fire ripped across parts of Northern California, killing 85 and destroying thousands of homes.

Courtney Werblow said on Facebook that Timber, who had been living at her parents’ house, had somehow survived the Camp Fire which left the town in ruins.


Gary Sinese Sends 2000 Children of Fallen Military Heroes to Disney

Gary Sinise gave nearly 2000 children from Gold Star families a week-long vacation to Disney World.

His annual Snowball Express supports families of fallen military heroes.

The program pays all expenses for the kids and their surviving parent or guardian. American Airlines arranged 12 chartered planes on Saturday from 26 cities to fly the Gold Star families to Orlando.

Snowball Express started more than a decade ago. A deployed soldier wrote his wife a letter to be opened only if he died in battle. His one wish was that she take their children to Disney. Gary Sinise honors that wish each year and for thousands of kids



Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska, found out that it’s getting another therapy dog to join its existing dog, Sven.

Sven is a beloved member of the staff and the kids in the hospital love spending time with him. So everyone is excited to get another furry companion. They just didn’t know if they’d be getting a girl or boy dog, until Wednesday afternoon.

The staff threw a doggy gender reveal party and let Sven do the big reveal. They gave him a dog-friendly cake to devour, and after he licked off the icing, a pink cake was revealed.

Watch the adorableness unfold


Va Beach school cafeteria manager sends inspiring messages to first graders on bananas: ‘You are enough’

How sweet!

The cafeteria manager at Kingston Elementary School in Virginia Beach has been writing messages of hope and love to students on bananas! and the sweet gesture has gone viral!

The school’s principal Sharon Shewbridge tells Yahoo news, “She’s almost embarrassed about all the attention. She just wanted it to be anonymous. But I said this is so simple and amazing — and it has such an impact on kids.”


Human Chain Helps British Book Store Move Down the Street [WATCH]

250 fans of a book store in Britain formed a human chain to help transport the shop’s thousands of books to a new location down the street.

A rent increase forced the owners to move locations and a human chain of volunteers gathered Sunday to hand the books little by little until they reached the new destination.

“It was a tremendous show of support and community and we’re moved and incredibly touched by it. We are of, and for, our community and it is truly heartening to see that reciprocated,” Clare Diaper, a worker at the shop, told The Guardian.

Some volunteers brought cups of tea to those participating, others walking by stopped to help out.


Girl with autism who mistook bride for Cinderella could meet all the Disney princesses

A sweet moment between “Cinderella” and a little girl with autism has gone viral and now community members are trying to get her to Disney World to meet the real Cinderalla.

Last weekend Layla Lester, 5, saw a woman she thought was Cinderella at Akron Falls Park and ran up to her to give her a hug.

Turns out “Cinderella” was actually a woman at the park taking wedding photos.

Wedding photographer Nicole Wickins saw the moment unfolding and captured the sweet moment which has now gone viral.

Now, community members who have been touched by this story are working to bring even more magic to little Layla’s life.

They’ve started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to send Layla and her family to Disney World to meet all of her favorite princesses.


Watch: Nike’s first professional athlete with Cerebral Palsy

A distance runner at the University of Oregon has made history by becoming the first athlete with cerebral palsy to ink a professional contract with Nike.

Justin Gallegos, a junior and member of the university’s cross country team, finished a race last week and was approached by a camera crew, his teammates and a representative from Nike who informed him that the company wanted to make him their first professional athlete with cerebral palsy.

Justin was immediately overcome with emotion and collapsed in tears as his team applauded him.


Olive Garden Waitress Feeds Fussy Toddler So Child’s Mother Could Enjoy Meal: ‘We’re Family Now’

An Olive Garden waitress in North Carolina sat down on the job for a great reason…to feed a customer’s fussy 18-month-old daughter so her tired mother could enjoy her meal.

Courtney Pedigo, of Greensboro shared the sweet moment on Facebook saying went her daughter became fussy she asked the waitress for a to-go box but instead Nianni sat down to help calm her daughter so the tired mom could eat.

Courtney told People magazine, “She sat there and fed [Harlynn] some ice cream and was wiping her hands and her face. She talked to my family and opened up a bit about herself. It was pretty cool. I was just really flustered and overwhelmed and she was a breath of fresh air.”

And the warm and fuzzies don’t stop there. Courtney and Nianni say they’ve kept in tough and are “family now.”


Man rescues squirrel by performing CPR on it!

A motionless squirrel apparently stunned by a passing car has been revived by the driver who performed CPR on it!

Police officers on patrol happened to spot the incident and got footage of the kind act on their dashboard cam.

They shared the video on Facebook and she can see the man flipping the squirrel onto its belly and as he strokes its back, the animal starts to come around. The squirrel eventually darts away and an officer declares: “There he goes! You saved his life, dude!”


This guy is singing Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places” for 36 hours straight for a great reason

A Seattle karaoke host is singing Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places” for 36 hours straight for a great cause- his 4th annual Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser.

It’s all part of the REAL Men Wear Pink campaign, which gives men a leadership role in the fight against breast cancer.

Suprisingly this won’t break a Guinness World Record (this begs the question, has someone sang Friends in Low Places longer?)

But still, it’s pretty darn impressive!  You can support the cause here


Aww! This Video of a Dog Eating a Couple’s Gender Reveal Cake Is a Must-Watch

In this adorable gender reveal a couple’s first “baby” their dog helped reveal he’s getting a little sister!

And before you worry, the couple says “ITS A DOG SAFE FRIENDLY CAKE MADE ESPECIALLY AND ONLY FOR HIM! He only ate what you see in the video and we took it away right away. He isn’t gagging in the video, the mashed potatoes were a little sticky. I checked his mouth and he was totally fine!!”

Now watch and I dare you not to smile!


AWW- Injured Turtle Gets LEGO® Wheelchair

An injured wild Eastern box turtle at The Maryland Zoo is getting some help thanks to LEGO bricks.

Zoo officials say the turtle was found in Druid Hill Park in July by a zoo employee, and was brought to the zoo’s hospital for treatment.

“He had multiple fractures on his plastron, the bottom part of his shell. Because of the unique placement of the fractures, we faced a difficult challenge with maintaining the turtle’s mobility while allowing him to heal properly,” said Dr. Ellen Bronson, senior director of animal health, conservation, and research at the Zoo.

Best use of legos EVER!


Caring Ambulance Workers Take Detour to Grant Dying Man’s Simple Ice Cream Wish

A dying man was able to have the last meal he most desired thank to these paramedics.

After 17 years of fighting pancreatic cancer, Ron McCartney was set to be taken into palliative care earlier this month.

His wife Sharon called the Queensland paramedics to take him in and they conducted an evaluation in the ambulance. They found out the 72-year-old had not been eating for several days

So they asked, “If you could eat anything… what would it be?” He replied, “A caramel sundae.”

And they detoured from their route to buy him the sweet treat before arriving at the hospital.

His daughter wrote a note of gratitude saying, “Dad enjoyed this so much and [it] was the last thing he was able to eat by himself. Mum and I cannot thank QAS enough for all the help and compassion you have all given towards us.”


Video of a blind dog being led by his own service dog down a flight of hotel stairs has gone viral.

Oh my heart!! According to their Facebook page, Ginger and Kimchi have been “ambassaDOGS” for three years now.

Ginger, an 11-year-old Golden Retriever,serves as a seeing eye dog for blind rescue Kimchi who became completely blind in 2015

According to the couple’s Facebook post, Ginger acquired this role without any formal training and that “Kimchi doesn’t mind being led around, for the most part anyway. They are always paired when we go out, a guide dog, for a blind dog!


Pet Shelter Where 75-Year-Old Naps With Cats Raised Enough Funds To Cover The Year

It’s a purr-fect outcome!

Last week, Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Wisconsin posted a few photos of 75-year-old Lauerman, a volunteer at the Green Bay shelter who naps with the cats.


When the story went viral he was asked how he felt about becoming an overnight celebrity, and he said he just hoped people would donate to the cage-free sanctuary — which rescues disabled cats that would be at risk of euthanasia at other facilities.

And, man, did people deliver.

A new recliner was donated for Terry to nap in

to which the cats already took over

A fundraiser was set up and donations started pouring in

It has now raised enough funds in donations to cover the shelter for a year! .



People Are Obsessed With This Guy Who Volunteers And Naps With The Cats At His Local Shelter

the Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin, shared these adorable photos of one of their volunteers, Terry who comes to the shelter every day to nap with the cats!

Ok well he comes to pet them and play with them but often falls asleep.


after the post went viral a shelter worker said, “I kept telling him, ‘Terry, you’re famous,’ and he would just do his modest laugh and go back to petting cats,” she said.

and when he was told the post has hit 400,000 views he said he hoped all those people would donate. Aww!

Nap on Terry!


Adorable ‘Snoot Challenge’ Is Taking Over the Internet

In case you haven’t heard of it, the snoot challenge is where owners make a shape with their hands and wait for their pup to run up and put their seriously boop-able nose through the hole.

You can hold your hands in a heart shape, or just make a circle between your finger and thumb.

Or use a prop

The challenge works equally well on small dogs as well as big ones. Let’s face it, what’s more precious than seeing an adorable snout pushing its way into your hands?

#SnootChallenge @mini.ollie @aussiesdoingthings

A post shared by Aussies Doing Things (@aussiesdoingthings) on

But not everyone is catching on…

I tried the #snootchallenge today and……… I failed.

A post shared by coop! (@frijolechronicles) on


Talented teen surprises family with special talent after delivering pizza

Want to order a large pepperoni pizza with a side of classical music? Then this is your guy.

The 18-year-old has been delivering pies for Hungry Howie’s Pizza in Michigan when he recently made a delivery to a family that just happened to have a piano. He asked if he could play it and blew them away

The video now has more than 665,000 views on Facebook!

In the fall, he will start Community College, where he is playing baseball on an athletic scholarship. But now that his other talent has gone viral, folks are stepping in to offer him help getting a music degree!

He told the Today show that he’s open to new opportunities and will see what happens!


Pit Bull Becomes Best Friend and Free Transportation for Senior, Paralyzed Chihuahua [PICS]

Tit is a senior Chihuahua who has irreversible nerve damage which prevents him from using his back legs. Along with the nerve damage, Tito also suffered from a collapsed trachea and an infected tumor.

After surviving treatment and surgery, Tito moved into the animal lover’s home, which she shares with two pit bull rescue dogs named Frank and Piper

Piper, who has helped Helfer look after dozens of foster pets, happily welcomed Tito into the furry fold, but it was Frank who truly gravitated toward the tiny pup.

Moments after meeting, the pair became inseparable and can almost always be found snuggling, if they aren’t on walks together.

But since Tito cannot walk on his own, he hangs out in the pocket of Frank’s vest!!

The dog’s owner says Tito’s happiest moments are on these walks, especially when they stop at an outdoor cafe!


Supermom Duck Cares for 76 Baby Ducklings in Minnesota

If there was a mother of year award given out to ducks this mama would win!

This Minnesota photographer captured an adorable shot of the mother duck followed over 50 fuzzy ducklings!!

After posting the surprising image to his Instagram and Twitter, the Audubon Society took notice. They’ve seen a Common Goldeneye mother duck with around 20 babies following behind in the past, but nothing on this level before.


Burger King Gives Free Burgers to Terminally Ill Dog

Cody, a 10-year-old Boxer-Labrador, was diagnosed with cancer about two months ago and given just one to three months to live. His family decided to treat their beloved dog in the time he has left.

They started going to Burger King every day to pick up a burger for Cody hoping it would not only give him something to enjoy but also help them administer his medicine more easily.

But one day, when they went to pick up his daily snack, staff at their local Burger King told his humans that they’d no longer be charged for the dog’s burgers.


Couple Hosts Stranger’s Wedding at Their House

Well they say it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day…but every bride and groom know that if you’ve planned an outdoor wedding it doesn’t feel lucky to have it rained out!

This couple got lucky though when a stranger opened up their house to them and offered to have the ceremony and reception right in their living room (which was gorgeous btw)

They said, ‘We didn’t think we were doing anything grand. We were just helping some people out on the beach that needed help”

But the couple disagrees and the bride said, “God definitely wanted us to get married. Thank you for sending us these two little angels to save our big day and make it even more special.”

So would they offer up their home again? Yep! They wrote in this facebook post that has gone viral, “It was a wonderful experience. The wedding party was so gracious and appreciative, and we were thankful that we could offer our home. We highly recommend impromptu weddings.”

So sweet!


Flight Attendants Save Dogs Life!

Steven and Michelle Burt were flying home to Massachusetts from Orlando and had their French bulldog, Darcy, with them. At one point during the flight, they noticed that Darcy was breathing heavily and her tongue and gums had turned blue, which is a sign that she wasn’t getting enough oxygen.

Michelle took Darcy out of the carrier and placed her on her lap. After explaining to flight attendants why her dog wasn’t in her carrier, the attendants got to work.

They brought back a bag of ice to keep Darcy cool and even gave her oxygen from a small mask.

After a few minutes, Darcy seemed back to normal and her owners were relieved.

Michelle wrote this letter to Jet Blue to praise the flight attendants and it’s now gone viral.


Norfolk International Airport Returns Lost Stuffed Toy Along With Something Special

When a mom realized her daughter Gussie’s beloved stuffed animal “Cookie Dough” went missing at Norfolk International Airport she contacted them hoping they would find Cookie Monster

Well they did more than just that.  They delivered Cookie Dough back along with a book they created to show his adventures at the airport!

he helped check in guests

had some fun on the escalator

and helped out the citizens of Norfolk!

So sweet!

See the full story and book of Cookie Dough’s adventure


Dad’s ‘Report Card’ for Daughter With Autism Goes Viral Because It’s the Sweetest

After seeing how upset his daughter was after receiving the report card she got from school, one dad took matters into his own hands to cheer her up. And now it’s going viral on Twitter — because it’s the sweetest, most “Dad” thing ever.

Shane Jackson’s daughter Sophie is autistic and when came home from school crying because she received Ds on her report card — Dad made her a new one..

well sophie ended up doing her own report card for her Dad (check out #1- hey he is still her Dad after all and she’s a kid)

After this photo went viral many people started to ask to see Sophie’s artwork

and it’s A+ just like Dad said


Toddler Adorably Insists on Only Throwing First Pitch from the Mound [VIDEO]

When I threw out the first pitch at a Norfolk Tides game, I probably should’ve stood a little closer to home plate in order to have a shot at getting the ball there LOL

but this toddler wouldn’t think about taking a short cut!

Little Nolan was about to throw out the first pitch at the Reds-Cubs game on Friday and the staff tried to let him stand closer but he didn’t want any help

Nolan straight up refused to throw out the first pitch until he was standing on the mound. He turned and briefly looked around — as if to tell everyone, “See! This is where I’m supposed to be!” — and then threw his pitch.

Good job Nolan!


Student with Nonverbal Autism Gives Unexpected Graduation Speech

Sef Scott received a standing ovation after delivering his speech in which he encouraged his classmates to do the unexpected.

What’s amazing about this speech is that many of his classmates had never even heard him speak before!!

Stef has nonverbal autism and he told his classmates, “Don’t fear the future. Don’t fear the unknown. Will it be unexpected? Yes, yes it will. But that does not make it wrong. Be the unexpected like me.”


Xi’an Famous Foods- a restaurant made famous by Anthony Bourdain will donate $73,000 to the National Suicide Hotline ❤️


Very Good Dog Opens Door for Owner After She Gets Locked Out

Good Boy!!

When this woman locked herself out of her house she decided to rely on man (or woman’s best friend) to lend a paw.

Ok enough puns.

Kaylyn got Sam to paw away at the wooden rod blocking the door’s tracks until he was able to pick it up with his mouth and unlock the door for her.


oh wait, then Sam promptly tried to play with the wooden rod — because what else would you expect from dogs?


High School pitcher strikes out best friend and runs over to hug him

True Sportsmanship

This high school baseball game ended with a pitcher rushing home plate, but in a nice way. Mounds View pitcher Ty Koehn struck out Totino-Grace batter Jack Kocon to seal a three-hit shutout and 4-0 victory.

The two players have actually been friends for years so before joining his teammates in the celebration, watch as he goes over to his friend to give a long hug!




Devoted Dad Dances With 2-Year-Old Daughter to Ease Her Stage Fright

There’s nothing a dad’s love can’t overcome, including stage fright.

When little two year old Bella began to melt down during a ballet performance in Hamilton, Bermuda, her dad didn’t hesitate to jump on stage and save the day. He not only performed the routine with her, but did it while holding her baby sister too!

Dad WIN!

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This heroic tale involves a goose, turtle…and unicorn?!

Yep, you read right, a unicorn!  Pool float that is.

When a guy spotted this goose in danger he grabbed the first thing he could find…a unicorn pool float!  He swam out unashamed on this unicorn to rescue the goose that a snapping turtle had caught.



Georgia Boy Helps Elderly Woman

What a little gentleman!

When this 9 year old saw an elderly woman struggling up stairs with her walker he asked his mom to pull their car over so they could help.

Another driver witness the act of kindness and shot this sweet video


Only Down Under: Koala caught fishing on Aussie river bank

A koala has been caught patiently waiting for a bite while fishing on the banks of the Murray River in Victoria, Australia.

The Koala surprised a family, who were taking a break from fishing in the small town of Strathmerton to have a picnic, when it picked up a rod and held it over the water.


This Dog Has Adopted 9 Orphan Ducklings And TBH It’s Just Too Cute

Meet Fred, the resident 10-year-old Labrador at Mountfitchet Castle in Essex and his nine babies…who just happen to be ducklings!

Staff at the castle aren’t sure where these little ducklings came from and their mom was no where to be found but Fred stepped in became their surrogate dad!

In a statement, the castle staff said: “The ducklings absolutely adore him and he has now resigned himself to being a stay-at-home dad looking after the nine baby ducklings. They are getting very mischievous, even hitching a ride on his back and following him into the water for a swim in the castle moat.”

Can you heart even handle this cuteness???


Detroit Police Department Swears in ‘Pawfficer’ Kitten

It all started back in March when the Troy PD in Michigan put out a Twitter challenge saying it would get a police cat if it received 10,000 followers by April.


It worked!  The internet responded with a resounding YES!  Cats were interviewed for the job

and finally one was chosen.  Meet Officer Donut!

Officer Donut will help raise awareness for pet adoptions and rescues as well as raise money for the Michigan Humane Society.

Here he is being sworn in!

Pawfficer Donut will live with a fellow Troy police officer who already has two adult cats at home. She will also spend some of her time at the station.


Dog Set to Euthanized Cozies Up To his Rescuer on the Ride Home

Gregory the beagle was on the list to be euthanized at an Ohio animal shelter earlier this month. But then he got a whole new beginning. Joe and Schenley Kirk of HOUND Rescue and Sanctuary in Findlay, Ohio, rescued Gregory from Franklin County Animal Shelter. In a photo posted to Facebook on May 1, Gregory cozies up to his rescuer and driver, Joe Kirk. His tongue is out and eyes gazing lovingly at Kirk while resting his head on his shoulder. Schenley Kirk calls the trip a “freedom ride.”