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  • SDU Victoria & Jeremy 11.29
    Victoria met Jeremy on Tinder and they decided to go out. From what Victoria was telling us things went really well. Victoria did say that Jeremy was a guy that she usually wouldn’t go out with, but taking some advice from her friends she decided to give it a chance and boy is she glad…
  • Dan & Teresa 11.22.21
    Dan reached out after he went out with Teresa. Dan met Teresa at the gym when she asked Dan if he could help her film one of her workouts. After that, Dan wouldn’t leave her alone. He was able to get a date from Teresa, but every since, nothing. Let’s see if we can get…
  • Evelyn & Phil 11.19.21
    Evelyn reached out to us after she met Phil. The weird part, they never really went out. However, Phil initially agreed to go out and the day before, he canceled. Why? Let’s find out. Cash Warren · Evelyn & Phil 11.19
  • SDU Bryan and Annie 11.18.21
    Bryan reached out after he went out with Annie. From what Bryan was telling us he met Annie at a friend’s party and they really hit it off. They went out, had a blast, and now, Annie has vanished. She’s not returning calls, texts, smoke signals, carrier pigeons, nothing! Let’s see if we can get…
  • SDU Dean & Samantha 11.17
    Samantha reached out after she went out with Dean. From what Samantha was telling us, they met on Tinder and went out for a movie and ice cream. Now, Dean has disappeared. What happened? Let’s see if we can get Dean on the phone and find out where it all went wrong. Cash Warren ·…