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  • SDU Liz & Sean 9.21
    Liz reached out to us after she and Sean went out. They met on bumble and went out for coffee here in V. Beach. Liz said things went really well between the two of them and now she’s confused why Sean’s splitsville. What happened? Let’s get Sean on the phone. Cash Warren · SDU Liz…
  • SDU Jenny & Travis 9.20
    Jenny reached out to us after she went out with Travis. The strange thing about these two, they met when Travis was laid up in the hospital with a gimpy leg. That’s what she said, “gimpy.” Evidently, having a gimpy leg isn’t any reason to not try and pick up women. Jenny agreed to go…
  • SDU Andrew & Sara 9.17
    Andrew reached out about the date he went on with Sara. Andrew met Sara at a Starbucks in Norfolk. Recognized how pretty she was and went for it. He got her number and they went out. When pressed, Andrew can’t think of anything strange or unusual that may have happened that could’ve scared Sara away.…
  • SDU Danny & Paula 9.16
    Danny reached out after the date he went on with Paula. From what Danny was saying, they spent the entire summer together and now nothing. He must’ve really screwed up somewhere. But, they spent the whole summer together and now she’s nowhere to be found. Let’s reach out and try and get Paula on the…
  • SDU Annie & Ben 9.15
    Annie reached out after the date she went on with Ben. According to Annie, they met on EHarmony and really hit it off. When pressed, Annie can’t think of anything weird or unusual that happened that may have scared off Ben. Let’s see if we can get Ben on the phone and find out where…