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Khloe Kardashian Wastes TP…and We’re Not Having It!

Khloe Kardashian Wastes TP…and We’re Not Having It!

It doesn’t cease to amaze me how ANYBODY…during this particular time on our planet…would think this is even okay. Even uber rich people with plenty of common sense know that the rest of the world is struggling to get these precious commodities and most of them are stepping up to help out. And then…there’s Khloe Kardashian. Ohhhhh honey, this is gonna affect your brand and not in a good way.

Sooo, she stayed a night at her sister Kourtney’s house over the weekend and obviously thought, “Hey! You know what would be funny?” And it all went downhill from there. She even enlisted the help of a CHILD…which is wrong in itself because he cannot possibly understand the severity of the shortage right now. He just wants to have fun!

Khloe TP’d her sister’s house. That’s right. During a pandemic when stores are literally wiped out, she wastes toilet paper on a stupid prank.

But lucky for US, the video and pics were posted so we can tell her just what we think about all of this!

I think as an apology, maybe she should spend a couple mil on the necessities that we all need right now and start donating them to families in need? Yeah, I’m pretty peeved right now. And I’m out of TP at my house. – KW

So….A Guy On Twitter Opened A 25 Year Old Can of Spider-Man Pasta

So….A Guy On Twitter Opened A 25 Year Old Can of Spider-Man Pasta

My first thought was, “OMG why would anybody do that?” And then…I was mildly curious because…you know…BOREDOM.

Sadly, it was a LOT more gross than I expected.

You have a second to change your mind and turn back now if you don’t wanna see what’s inside.

Yeah, I knew it. You wanna see too.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Still here?

Here ya go…..

I began to regret my decision to view this thing RIGHT ABOUT HERE

I’ll never be able to unsee this

So….hey! What did ya think? Hope you fared better than I did. – KW

Bread & Butter Pasta Sandwich Is Causing Big Arguments On The Internet

Bread & Butter Pasta Sandwich Is Causing Big Arguments On The Internet

Noodle sandwich. I’ve never entertained such a thought, nor would I want to even try it. However, it’s not yucky. I mean we have pasta and bread in Italian restaurants all the time, right? So why is the internet so uptight about this woman’s ramen and butter sandwich? Is it the carb-on-carb overload? I dunno. You decide.

Nothing wrong with a cheap lunch, I guess. So…what do you think of this sandwich? Tasty? Or gross? – KW

How about a noodle sandwich?

Looks delicious!

I don’t think so!

I dunno. Maybe

One Less Hour Of Sleep Won’t Ruin My Weekend!

One Less Hour Of Sleep Won’t Ruin My Weekend!

You probably are already aware that we spring forward to Daylight Saving Time this weekend. That means…we lose an hour of sleep (provided you’re relying on the alarm to wake up on Sunday morning), but the GOOD news is more sunlight at the end of the day.

It’ll be awhile before the benefit will kick in, tho. My brain is still focused on that hour less of sleep. Even though it only happens one time, I feel the effects of the time shift for at least a week. Ugh. THEREFORE…I present…a list of things that I could do if I didn’t lose that hour this weekend.

* Laundry. Yeah, that was on my list of things to do but since I’ll be less one waking hour, looks like I’ll have to put that off.

* Clean out the refrigerator. Would have totally had time to do that, but since I won’t be able to do laundry, I’ll be totally unmotivated to remove the chicken that’s been in there for a week.

* Vacuum. Eh, the floors aren’t that bad. They should last another week.

* A week’s worth of cooking. I’m not gonna feel like it. I mean, I got a chore list a mile long and I just can’t even because I got an hour taken away and there’s no time. Looks like it’s Taco Bell!

Okay, y’all know I’m making all that up, right?

I don’t do any of that stuff. 😉

Well, not on the weekends anyway.

Y’all have a great weekend and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!
Like…laundry. – KW

Which Star Wars Character Will Be Mark Hamill’s Valentine Date?

Which Star Wars Character Will Be Mark Hamill’s Valentine Date?

Mark “Luke Skywalker” recently took one of those crazy Valentine’s quizzes and I can’t help but to laugh my butt off right now.

Come to think of it, Luke never really ever got the girl, did he? Haha…awwwwww!

So yeah…I thought I’d just go ahead and take the quiz. Maybe I could be Luke Skywalker’s date?

Nope. I got Poe Dameron.


Sigh…I’m okay with that.

Sorry Luke. – KW

Is This A Legit Bigfoot Sighting? {Video}

Is This A Legit Bigfoot Sighting? {Video}

There was another “Bigfoot” sighting in Washington State. This time, it was caught on camera by Washington State Department of Transportation. I don’t know about you, but this just looks like some dude just taking a walk in the snow. It’s too far away to tell. Check it out and see what YOU think!

Either way, WSDoT is having a lot of fun with it. 😉 – KW

Sleeping Position Chart Sends Twitter Into Meltdown

Sleeping Position Chart Sends Twitter Into Meltdown

This sleeping chart is making the rounds on Twitter and not only is it generating answers, it’s definitely stirring up a whole lotta of judgement!

I mean seriously. Who sleeps in the #13 position and NOT wake up with back and neck pain? Unless you’re a cat.

Anyway, my answer to this question is: I don’t know. I’m too sound asleep to care. – KW

New Invention Helps You Avoid Being Stranded Without TP

New Invention Helps You Avoid Being Stranded Without TP

Forgot to bring a spare roll of toilet paper to the bathroom? Maybe you live with someone who NEVER replaces the roll when it’s empty? The geniuses at Charmin have created a robot to help us out of a jam, y’all. And this better not be a joke!

The TP droid is operated via bluetooth. No word on when it will be available to the public.

Charmin also debuted two other potty products: one gadget alerts you when the bathroom is no longer stinky and the other is a porta-potty type that includes VR, so you don’t have to miss one moment of whatever event you’re attending because you had to stop and pee. Umm. A little over the top, there…but someone will probably want it. – KW

It Was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later:  Elf on the Shelf “Arrested”

It Was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later: Elf on the Shelf “Arrested”

He’s cute, he’s mischievous, and now he’s swapping out his signature red and white suit for orange.


Guthrie, Oklahoma police say Eddie the Elf was arrested at a nursing home for being well over the legal eggnog limit, blasting “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”, stealing tinsel, shorting out single bulbs on long strings of Christmas lights and replacing bottles of water with snowman urine.

Bail was set at 300 candy canes, and Eddie is now on the naughty list for at least a year.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. – KW


Never Fold a Fitted Sheet Again?

Never Fold a Fitted Sheet Again?

Soooo, someone on Twitter found a way to never fold your fitted sheets again. Sorry, even with my part-time laziness, I’m not really on board with this method and rather just roll ’em up and throw ’em in my linen closet as usual, however, this could work for some folks…

What do you think? Good idea? – KW

“Is Die Hard A Christmas Movie” Debate is NOW Christmas Tradition!

“Is Die Hard A Christmas Movie” Debate is NOW Christmas Tradition!

Personally, I think Die Hard IS a Christmas movie, but that’s just me. Don’t @ me. 😉 Moving on. Lately, I’ve been having a lot MORE fun watching people debate this subject every single year on social media. It’s like…TRADITION now, right?

BTW, last year Bruce Willis said at his roast on Comedy Central that Die Hard was NOT a Christmas movie…it is a (bleep-bleep) Bruce Willis movie.

What does he know anyway? HAHA!

It’s a Christmas movie. – KW

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

Don’t know
Don’t care
Never saw it

A Very Karen Christmas???

A Very Karen Christmas???

The Holderness Family (who went viral with their Christmas Jammies tune back in 2013) is back with a new holiday song that’s sure to get posted on my FB wall at least a dozen times in the next 24 hours. Stay away from the “Share on Friend’s Page” option. I’ve seen it. Yeah, it’s funny. But when are we going to start meme-ing on Cashs and Carlys and Stephanies? C’mon guys! Give a Karen a break. It’s Christmas! Garsh.



Man Goes Extreme With Ultimate “Elf on a Shelf” Prank

Man Goes Extreme With Ultimate “Elf on a Shelf” Prank

Woman finds her kitchen completely covered in Christmas wrapping paper. Including the cutting boards…fruit…everything! Her husband says he doesn’t want the elf ever visiting again. Well, I think THIS should do it, dontcha think?

Woman shares husband’s Elf on the Shelf kitchen-wrapping prank: ‘2 hours later and a divorce on the cards’

This might be the most labor-intensive way to ensure you get coal from Santa – or your wife. Nichola Mullen-King, 36, shared photos of a very involved plan that her husband, Carl, hatched as an Elf on the Shelf prank.

Wonder who got to clean it all up? 😉 – KW

The Great Green Bean Casserole Fail

The Great Green Bean Casserole Fail

Since it is National Green Bean Casserole Day, I thought I’d share this little mishap that happened over Thanksgiving holiday. I just got back from Iceland the day before and was a little jet-lagged, but I promised the youngest that I would bring over a covered dish of green bean casserole. I had most of the ingredients and wanted to double the recipe so we could have some later as well. I didn’t have enough green beans for that, and surely didn’t feel like running back out to the store. So…I improvised. I figured I’d jazz it up a little. And it looked like everyone liked it. Great! I can do this again, right?

Well, this morning the kids and I were chatting on FB inbox about getting everyone together again this weekend since a couple of the girls had to work on Thanksgiving. And we discussed which dish we would bring.

This is how THAT turned out. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Rachel Ray, I am not. So I’m gonna stick to the recipe…on the back of the french fried onions can. My kids will be delighted, I’m sure. – KW

Never Before Seen Footage From Stranger Things 3?

Never Before Seen Footage From Stranger Things 3?

While we anxiously await Stranger Things 4 to confirm our suspicions that one of our faves actually survived, maybe this never before seen footage will give us a few more clues of what’s in store for us in the next season?

Nope. They didn’t leave the door open three inches.

*Sigh* But enjoy this! I plan to re-binge 3 now so I can relive the very spots where they screwed up! Haha! – KW

Awkward:  Some People Just Received Texts That Were Sent on Valentine’s Day

Awkward: Some People Just Received Texts That Were Sent on Valentine’s Day

It appears there was a bug that affected text messages way back in February and a bunch of people just received texts that were sent on Valentine’s Day…LAST NIGHT!

Some responses were funny…some…not so much. There are reports of people who got texts from their exes, texts that were sent to their bosses and texts from people who have since passed away.

One carrier says a maintenance update was the problem, another carrier blames a third party vendor, but I don’t think anybody really knows.

ANYWAY, I thought…YES! There IS a reason that I didn’t get a Valentine message OR a date for the big day!

Sadly, I didn’t get a delayed text either, so…even my belated Valentine’s Day kinda sucked. GEEEEZ! – KW

The Worst Christmas Decorations Ever:  The SEQUEL

The Worst Christmas Decorations Ever: The SEQUEL

If you haven’t yet read Eagle afternoon host Jas’ post about how he went all Buddy the Elf festive fa-la-la-la-la on us out of the blue on Wednesday, read that one first and then come back to this one. It’s a good read and you’re gonna need that information for this to make any sense.

You back? Okay…here goes.

First of all, I would like to tell Santa that he can stop reading now. There’s nothing to see here. We’ve all been good and some of us need the new iPhone. Thanks Santa!

Now, I’d like to elaborate a little about that whole me being unaware of who hung those Christmas decorations thing. Ohhhh….trust me, I knew. When I asked if he put up the decorations and he “coyly” said no…in my mind, I said, “GAME ON” and it was all downhill from there. He’s right. I was a little rough around the edges. As far as making a Navy Admiral blush with my description of our new decorations? That might be true. I don’t remember much after I was asked what I thought of them but I know my mouth went into autopilot, so I can’t be held totally responsible for that. The spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak, y’all. Ask a woman what she thinks and be prepared for the answer. Haha! I didn’t know that Eagle morning dude extraordinaire Cash Warren rolled out some choice words of his own until I read Jas’ blog. (Sorry Jas, but I laughed so hard I spewed Diet Dr. Pepper out of my nose.) But I digress a little with the “clearly put up by a man” thing. Everybody knows that Clark W. Griswold had mad skills!

Now, moving on to the pics. The ones he posted look a LOT cleaner and neater and nicer than what I walked into that morning, so they might have been tweaked just a little bit. Or I need new glasses. Whichever. Here was my view of it.

Mmmm hmmm.

When he suggested that our girl Stephanie Taylor hung the decorations, I knew that not to be the case at.all. Miss Stephanie may not believe that she could get a million hits on Pinterest in a hot minute with the decorating skills she has, but the rest of us know she’s amazing at it and could put Martha Stewart to some serious shame. I’d give her the key to my house and credit card and trust her to turn my place into a miniature Christmas Town. I’ve known her long enough to know that this is definitely not her work. And when I flat out asked her? Her response was….”Um…NO.”

Now I do have to give Jas a whole lotta props for testing the theory that people who decorate early are happier people, but sadly, I think me and Cash may have blown the in-house experiment. Our bad. I hope that I speak for us when I say, “we suck.” Had we known it was an experiment, I’m sure we could have lied…and really, REALLY well. I was a “Grinch”, and I’m owning it.

By the way, the person Jas was referring to that called it a monstrosity and submitted it to Reddit’s worst office holiday decorations? Yep, that was me. I’ll be sure to give him all the credit if it goes viral. Lemons into lemonade? 😉

Just messing with ya, Jas! They can stay now. By the way, is there any money in those little stockings? Cuz if there is, please ignore every snarky thing I said about your handiwork. I had forgotten to bring my lunch and you caught me when I was a little hangry. Yeah, that’s it. Hangry made me do it.

Murr Chrissmiss


Santa’s elf’s worst nightmare, KW

Last Minute Costume Idea?

Last Minute Costume Idea?

It’s the day before Halloween, y’all! Got that costume yet? Actually, I think I’m going to recycle one I got at the last minute a couple of years ago. There was an event that was costume optional. I hadn’t really planned on dressing up, but a couple of hours before the event, I browsed a thrift store just in case I was sparked with an idea. At the same time, my daughter sent a pic of her youngest and it just made me so happy!!!!! She’s so adorable!

And then…fate hit again! Right after I saw the photo, there in front of me I spotted a pair of adult sized footie pajamas! Only a dollar! I had an inspiration!

I grabbed them and quickly went home to put my costume together.

And here was the final result!

Not only did my little grand petite LOVE my costume, she loaned me her stuffed animal as a prop!

Another bonus? I was already ready for bed right after the party. 🙂

Happy Halloween!!! – KW

International Internet Day & National Cat Day…Coincidence?

International Internet Day & National Cat Day…Coincidence?

Let’s just say that cats have owned the internet SINCE…the internet. So, just for fun, a little blast from the past for your National Cat Day entertainment:

About 5 or so years ago, a Reddit user claimed that you can teach your stubborn cat to do tricks. All you had to do was create a circle on the floor and watch your furry friend literally sit in it for hours! Of course, you were asked to post a pic as well!

And here’s how that turned out…

Cat 1, Internet 0


Happy National Cat Day! – KW

If Creepy Dolls Give You Nightmares…Keep Scrolling

If Creepy Dolls Give You Nightmares…Keep Scrolling

But if you’re a brave soul, here ya go: A museum in Minnesota is celebrating Halloween by holding a Creepy Doll Contest. The History Center of Olmsted County is asking for your vote on which of the creepiest among its nine most unsettling dolls. Votes can be cast by liking or commenting on posts on their Facebook and Instagram pages. The creepiest doll will be announced on Monday, and will be displayed alongside the runner-up through Nov. 2.

So…go ahead and vote if you dare. Mwaaahahahahahhaha!

But…I’m out.

Nope. Nope. Nope. Gimme a spider any day. – KW


Kiefer Sutherland Blames Himself For Making The Mullet Popular

Kiefer Sutherland Blames Himself For Making The Mullet Popular

And he has been apologizing profusely for it. But I dunno. Morgan Wallen seems to be okay with it. And we are totally MORE than okay with Morgan cuz he rocks it…so…

…it balances out, Kiefer. We forgive you. – KW

‘The Lost Boys’ Star Kiefer Sutherland Apologizes for Making the Mullet Popular

Hot on the heels of that fresh Lost Boys music video, actor Kiefer Sutherland is sorry for popularizing the mullet hairstyle. Sutherland plays the iconic David character in the movie, who has the hairstyle. David was and is still cool, even with his striking white mullet, which director Joel Schumacher really did not like at all and still does not like to this day.


Mom Freaks Out When She Sees Ghost Baby in Son’s Crib…Until THIS Happened!

So, last weekend, this woman observed something frightening on the baby room monitor! It appeared to be a ghost baby in the crib with her 18 month old son. When she went to his room, no ghost baby, but she could still clearly see it on the monitor. She didn’t sleep for the rest of the night. Honestly, I would have grabbed my child and got the heck out of there! BYE! But clearly, she was a little smarter than that. The next morning, (and I don’t know why she waited that long) she investigated the crib. Her husband had forgotten to put the mattress protector under the sheet and the label on the mattress has a big pic of a baby on it. Looks like he’s in a little hot water right now. LOL! – KW


It’s BACK TO THE FUTURE Day…And We All Have The Same Question…

October 21st, 2015 is the futuristic date depicted in Part 2 of the Back To The Future series. And here we are…4 years later…all of us STILL with the same question.

Where my dang Hoverboard? 😉

So here we are…with the world literally in the palm of everyone’s hands…but we still can’t glide to work on air? Okay 2019! You’re almost over now…and you’re 4 years late with the Hoverboards! Get on that, okay? Thnx. – KW

shutterstock_1079784140 (1)

A Halloween Story – By Karen West

Much like “A Christmas Story”, this is a tale of a child who wanted something so badly for a holiday. And it’s a true story too…about my youngest daughter Gabby. Honestly, she loves for me to tell this story because now it is tradition in our household. Kind of like how some people tell the story of the Great Pumpkin? We got THIS one…

We call it, “The ‘Tail’ of the Crying Baby Simba”

Once upon a time, a busy overly stressed mom went shopping for Halloween costumes for 3 of her delightful daughters while they were in school. Stores were less busy and mom knew the kids and what they liked! Noooooo prob! The Pink Ranger for Laura, Allie can be the Red Ranger because she really was easy to please when it came to costumes (but all of that would sort of change at the end of the story) and then a cute baby Simba costume for my youngest Gabby. She would be so adorable and I could take tons of pics!

Kids came home from school and I surprised them with their costumes! Yay me! Laura was thrilled! Allie was okay with it. She was Barney the year before so anything was better than that! Gabby? Lost her flippin’ mind. Oh…my….gawd. She wanted to be a Power Ranger like her sisters. Enter temper tantrum. I told the girls to go to their rooms and try on their costumes. Gabby didn’t want to go but I insisted that she would love it if she just tried it on. I bribed her with cheese or something. Don’t remember. Might have been Fruit Roll Ups. I just know I was desperate and it was a food item.

All three girls came back into the living room. Laura and Allie practiced their Power Ranger moves…on each other. And baby Simba? OMG ugly cry. I mean UGLY cry in the cutest costume I had ever seen in my LIFE! I had every emotion going on at the same time. Shame for not knowing she wanted to be a freakin’ Power Ranger, sadness because this was the saddest thing I’d ever seen and I also tried to hold back the laughter because this was also the funniest thing I’d ever seen. I told myself not to laugh. I failed. But there were tears there too, so….

Phase 2: Tell her dad. Maybe he could talk her into it. When he got home from work, he asked her to put on the costume so he could see her in it. He thought she was adorable too but again…..ugly cry and there was absolutely no consoling her. He tried not to laugh and he was better at hiding it than I was…but I did see a tear, his face turned bright red, and I could hear an occasional “snort.” Her sisters ignored her because…hey…they were Power Rangers! They had a world to save and homework to do.

My husband said that I should just return it and get her a Power Ranger costume too. I told him that they were non returnable but I would try.

So I went back to the store the next day. I took Gabby with me and I talked to the clerk about our dilemma. Before she could remind me that they were non returnable, Gabby started her ugly cry again. And in that store? It ECHOED. “See what I mean?” The clerk tried not to laugh and let me exchange it. The only Power Ranger costume that was left was a…Red Ranger. And it was 2 sizes too big, but I got the danged thing and I took it home and I altered it so it would fit her.

BUT…now Allie was ticked. Because…well, SHE was the Red Ranger!

I paid Allie. Then she was okay with it….and all was well.

The End. Or IS it?

And NOW…the sequel.

Baby Lilith wants to be a unicorn like her big sister.

Thanks a lot, Gabby. We’re never going to have a baby Simba! Ever!


Back From My UNBELIEVABLE Mini-Vacation!

So, I took three days off to do household business stuff. You know, the stuff you can’t do because businesses business hours are the same as your work hours? On the list…take my car to the dealership for its routine service and go to the DMV for something that can’t be done online, (but should be available online…sigh). Borrrrring!!! But wait, there’s more!

I had a 30 minute guarantee for the auto service…SWEET! But, I planned to be in the DMV until Spring of 2020. I joke. But we all well know that when you go to the DMV, you are there FOR-EV-ERRRRR, amirite? Bring snacks.

Alycia Debnam Carey GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

BUT….here’s what happened.

My 30 minute car guarantee took NINETY minutes. BTW, there’s nothing wrong with my car. It was just an oil change…period. I was the first appointment, but everyone who arrived AFTER me was in and out BEFORE me. Ugh. How does THAT work??? I didn’t get mad. My next oil change is FREE because of it, but I was just a little frustrated. Played more games on my phone to pass the time.

THEN…here’s where it gets strange: I went to the DMV close to the dealership. I brought lunch. I knew it was going to be a long day. I literally PLANNED for it.

BUT!!!!! For the first of the month, it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be. I went in and headed straight for information, but the guard asked me what my business was that day. I told him…and he told me to go straight to EXPRESS. What? Okay!

I was out in 30 minutes. My hand to god. Seriously.

My friends think I’m lying, was completely drunk or dreamt it all.

Trust me, I’m still shocked too.

Just a little story to show that some things just don’t work out the way we planned.

Sometimes, it gets a little weird. – KW


What Piece of Pop Culture Ruined Your First Name?

That’s a question trending on Twitter right now and it’s getting some hilarious response!

Well, I really don’t have to tell you what piece of pop culture ruined MINE. But I will…


Tropical Storm Karen is Keeping the Internet Busy

Just when I got used to getting teased with “Karen” memes (well…because my name is Karen), along comes Tropical Storm Karen to steal my thunder.

So, of course. Let the “speak to the manager” memes begin. What you got?

But seriously, I hope she’s just a lot of wind that stays far, far away. – KW


What You Find on the Discount Bargain Shelf

My daughter Laura is a smart shopper. She coupons, checks sales ads, and always checks the clearance rack. Me? I usually go in with a cart and put the stuff I need in it. Shopping for one? 90 bucks a week. She shops for 7 people? 70 bucks a week.

So last weekend, I decided to tag along with her and do my grocery shopping at the same time. She asked me to send her my list and she would check the coupons and ads. And she came up with a game plan for me. My total? Thirty five bucks for the stuff I had been paying 90 for. WHAT? Good deal!

But before we went to the checkout, she told me she likes to check the clearance shelf to see if there’s anything new to try at a discount.

And look what I found. The big deal from a few months ago! MayoChup! Only two bucks for that big bottle!

Yeah, right.

I shared the pic on my IG because I thought it was funny. All the hype and it ended up on the discount bargain shelf?

Turns out this stuff is actually pretty good, that is, according to my IG friends.

Now I’m kicking myself. I wish I had spent the extra two bucks. Gah. Wonder if it’s still there? – KW

shutterstock_551243050 (1)

Mystery Oreos are HERE! Spoiler Alert: I Have a Guess or Two to Share!

Remember the Mystery Oreo flavor from 2017? Fruity Pebbles. I wasn’t really pleased with those, but they were okay for an Oreo. Well, a NEW mystery flavored Oreo is here and available now! And these are pretty good! I think maybe they should keep them!

Oreo promises to gift one lucky winner with a big wad of cash if he or she correctly guesses the flavor. So, here are my guesses to get you started. You’re welcome. First of all, they do have a strong cinnamon-y taste. I originally thought “graham cracker” or “churro”, but since the Fruity Pebbles cookie of a couple of years back, I’ve since changed my guess to Teddy Grahams, since they’re both a Nabisco company. Okay, don’t take my word for it. Go get your own, grab a glass of milk and get guessing! – KW


Stranger Things Star Cuts his Famous Hair…In the Upside Down???

I’m all for anyone who is ready for change. I mean, it saddened me when I read that Stranger Things actor Joe Keery, aka “Steve Harrington” cut his incredible mane, but I was okay with it…

UNTIL I SAW IT!!!!! OMG it looks like every kid’s nightmare after grandma got the scissors and mixing bowl, y’all! And I’m not the only one who is more frightened by his new ‘do than the show itself!

…and this is definitely my favorite reaction…

If bowl cuts are a thing now, I’m done. – KW

shutterstock_335482475 (1)

Hallmark Christmas Movies Roasting on an Open Fiiiiiiiiire….

Okay, admit it. You sung that! HAHA! But seriously, I do love the cheesy Hallmark holiday movies so much! I’ll watch them…and before I know it, 84 years have gone by! Anyway, we’re not the only ones addicted to these feel good movies! Three guys have created a podcast with their own reviews! Which means, they’re just like us and don’t move from the sofa for hours. One of them adores the movies, one is neutral and one totally despises them. When the three come together, hilarity ensues. Honestly, I may now become more addicted to the reviews than the movies!

OH! And how about THIS for everyone who still loves Zack Morris?

A “Saved by the Bell” Christmas movie!

Hey guys! Make it happen! K, thanks, bye! – KW


Trending: Strange New Beauty Hack to Create Fuller Lips

First, I would like to go on record to say that I would never do this. Besides looking totally unnatural, I wouldn’t want a lip malfunction while eating out at a fancy restaurant. Or ANYWHERE, for that matter.

Women are applying glue between their nose and upper lip as an alternative to lip fillers. It involves applying strong adhesive like lash glue or even SUPERGLUE (what???), right above the top lip. Then you fold your lip up and stick it to the glue, creating an illusion of a fuller top lip. The trend originated on video sharing app TikTok before making its rounds on Twitter.

Here. Check it out for yourself.

Ouch. That looks like it would hurt. – KW


Spoiler Alert: Loch Ness Monster is Allegedly a Giant Eel

Gahhhhhhhhhhhh, nothing takes the fun out of a good fish story than SCIENCE! I mean, so what if it’s a big slimy eel viewed through beer goggles! This is like trying to tell a toddler that there’s no Santa. ITS WRONG! Okay? So just shut up. Thanks. – KW


Are You Good at Adulting?

A recent poll looked at how good we are at “adulting.” It listed a bunch of things we SHOULD know how to do as a grown-up, and asked readers whether or not they can do them. I mean, there are a few things I could probably be a LOT better at. I’ve lamented for months about my parallel parking skills, so I’m not going to bore you with that. I can change a flat tire, but I’d prefer not to, ya know? So…some of the things on the list:

Swallow a pill easily? – check.

Regularly have the oil changed in the car? – YEP!

Neatly wrap a gift? – Sure! If you don’t mind waiting forever for it!

Kill a spider without screaming – You GOTTA be kidding me! But 59 percent say yeah. Maybe those folks should start their own emergency spider killing business. We call ’em…and for a hundred bucks, they come over our house and get rid of it. I’m not talking about calling an exterminator. I mean, someone who specializes in exterminating ONE spider. Someone who is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days and even on leap year who will drop everything and make a house call! Like…right now. Even if it’s two in the morning. Okay…wishful thinking.

FINALLY, there’s this:

Almost 70 percent of those people surveyed said they could fold a fitted sheet. Ugh. I’ve watched those how-to YouTube videos over and over and mine STILL don’t look that pretty. Maybe over half of those people surveyed were LYING? I don’t know. Is rolling it up and shoving it in the linen closet still considered “folding”? If it is, I’m adulting like a boss. – KW


YIKES! Docs Find Poisonous Spider in Woman’s Ear!

OMG! Help! Both of my ears are itching just thinking about this! Woman went to the doctor thinking she had water in her ear…and WHAAAAT?! Brown.freaking.recluse.SPIDER! 😱😱😱 She’s very fortunate that it didn’t bite her! Question is, how and when did it get in there? – KW


OMG! THIS is a Pumpkin Spice Treat I Want….NOW!

I just saw this story this morning…and already I wanna leave the studio and go to the store and stock up on these little gems! Now, I’m not a total pumpkin spice geek and seriously, I’ve never tried these. But the thought of how delicious Hostess Cupcakes are anyway, I have complete faith that these are going to be fabulous! I’ll report back to you soon. In the meantime, go get yours…before I buy them all. Limited supply, ya know! Everyone for themselves! HAHA! – KW

shutterstock_292064447 (1)

Home Alone Reboot? We’re Not Having It!

Sorry to break it to ya, but Disney has a Home Alone reboot in the works for their streaming channel.

As expected, within SECONDS after making the announcement, all hell broke loose on the interwebs.

Even Macaulay Culkin weighed in on a reboot

Hey, I am with EVERYBODY on this. REALLY? Who thought it was OKAY to reboot THIS Christmas classic? What’s next? Charlie Brown? Leave #HomeAlone ALONE! – KW


It’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day…and Somebody Ruined it

It’s been years since I had a nice ice cream sandwich. I could almost taste one when I read about the holiday on social media. But nearly 10 seconds later, my excitement about my forthcoming treat came to a screeching halt. EWWWW!

So, earlier this week, French’s created a mustard ice cream for National Mustard Day (August 3rd), but not to be upstaged by some condiment company, Oscar Meyer fired back. Ice Dog Sandwiches. Yeah, hot dog infused ice cream with CANDIED HOT DOGS, my hand to god! Here. Read for yourself.

They come out later this month if you’re brave.

I want to cry. – KW


Would You Sleep on the Floor of a Plane?

Y’all! I travel on a budget. Yep. I love to find those less than 500 dollar round trip international flights and take them as often as I can. To me, it’s about the destination. And basically, I’d rather have MORE trips for less money and suck it up on the plane flight. Yeah, those budget seats can be uncomfortable…and seem to be getting more and more cramped. Ain’t even gonna lie. But, I do get up and stretch my legs often and sometimes, I do try for the direct flight…if it’s within the budget.

Here’s a photo that’s going viral right now. A woman sleeping on the floor of a plane. I get it, sister. I’ve been tempted to do it myself, however, I’m not about the gross stuff that was probably on that floor previously…like people’s stinky bare feet. Besides, wouldn’t it be all noisy down there? Yes, I entertained the thought…once, but no…would never do it. I just keep my mind focused on the destination of my trip and meditate on that. Maybe whine a little bit under my breath.

But I’m not gonna begrudge her for doing this. I just hope she showers and scrubs with antibacterial soap at least ten times when she gets to her destination. So, what do YOU say? Would YOU get all comfy and take a nap on the floor of a plane? Most of Twitter says, AWWW HAIL NO! That’s disgusting! – KW

thomas and lauren fb

Thomas Rhett and Wife Lauren Announce They Are Expecting Again and Revealed the Baby’s Gender! {PICS}


Thomas Rhett is expecting his 3rd child with wife Lauren!

They shared the happy news today and the gender reveal!  It’s a girl!

Lauren updated fans as well with a video of the gender reveal saying:

We decided we didn’t have enough princess dresses around the house so we’re adding another Akins baby girl to the family early next year 💕🎀😭💗💗💗 despite Thomas Rhett’s initial shock (swipe to see video 😂) we are absolutely over the moon for our baby girl! Our girls cannot wait to meet their little sister 💕💕 Willa Gray prays for her every night (heart in a puddle every time😭😭) & she and Ada James love to touch my belly and talk to her😭😭💗💗💗-especially bc I’ve been showing since I was SEVEN weeks (🤪). So it feels like we have been hiding this secret for an ETERNITY. And I’d like to apologize to everyone I’ve canceled on, said no to or just been MIA, but for a second there I wasn’t sure if I was pregnant or just puked for a living🤢. But she’s soooo worth it💕💗💕💗💕 We are SO excited! & if you need TR you can find him in the camping section at REI buying dude things…….jk, he’s excited too


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New Crocs Mascot is Creeping People Out

I know some people are all about Crocs. Mainly, for their comfort. Even Luke Combs loves crocs and says he wears them around the house. Without socks, of course, because that would be weird. Personally, I do not like them. I think they’re ugly and honestly, I don’t think they’re very comfortable. Additionally, I don’t like the weird squeaking noise they make when people who wear them walk on floors without carpet. Like…fingernails on a chalkboard!


But now, Crocs has outdone themselves with their brand new mascot and it’s the stuff that nightmares are made of!

And now, I’ll never be able to unsee it.


And sadly now, neither will you. – KW



Why is “Jar Jar Binks” Trending on Twitter?

I don’t know about anybody else, but I think Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars Phantom Menace is kind of cute. Don’t @ me. Yes, annoying, but cute. But an astounding number of Star Wars fans believe Jar Jar is the worst character to ever hit the franchise. (The Ewoks are grateful)


I just think people love to hate him because it’s cool to hate him because everybody else hates him, but hey…what do I know?


Which is why it astounded me to see that Jar Jar was TRENDING on Twitter today! Why was Jar Jar trending some 20 years after the movie was released? Well, it looks like Jar Jar is trending because….the internet keeps asking WHY Jar Jar is trending. 😂😂😂

Sighhhhhhh. That was fun. – KW



Meet & Greet Pic Fail

Sometimes you only get one shot. That’s it. One chance to make a fabulous impression in those social media photos. Nope…not 144 selfies and that you can pick and choose. Just one. Like that coveted meet and greet pic that you’ve been thinking about all day. You’ve practiced the pose, you know which side is your best side, you’ve made a quick trip to the ladies room to touch up the makeup. You’re ready!

But sometimes your best efforts still end up….


And that’s why I still consider this one POST-WORTHY!

First, there’s Jay DeMarcus’ profile shadowing my face. Then, my arms firmly squished by my side because it was 97.3 degrees and my pits showed every bit of it. (Thanks for pointing that out, Carly!) Finally, the poor guy in the corner trying so hard not to be in the pic…just made this my FAVORITE meet & greet photo EVER! 😂 – KW


Ranch Flavored Pop Tarts?????

Someone on Twitter posted the idea with the caption, “People say you can put Ranch on anything…” and tagged Pop Tarts and Hidden Valley.

Hidden Valley decided to have a little fun with it. I mean, why not?

But sadly, Pop Tarts wasn’t having it.

For the record, the thought of Ranch flavored Pop Tarts is just disgusting, however, it would have been nice if the folks over at Pop Tarts had a better sense of humor and ran with it. – KW



Meet “Lazarus”, the Miracle Plant

My kids have teased me for years about killing houseplants. Not necessarily so. I kept one alive longer than a year once and clearly that one slipped their minds. One day after the furniture was rearranged, the plant got hidden, sort of. Actually, it was moved out of the way and never put back in it’s sunny spot. Out of sight, out of mind. A month later, it was crunchy and sad. I bought plastic plants from then on. The kids never let me live it down.

Fast forward to Summer of 2017. A friend gifted me with a lovely plant. It’s STILL alive today. No kidding. My child thought it was plastic and called me out on social media. I drove all the way from Virginia Beach to Newport News with that plant so she could see for herself. She apologized. Sort of. She thinks it’s a replacement plant.

That little plant inspired me. I decided to buy more plants for my home. Some indoor, some outdoor. Last winter, an outdoor plant that was gifted to me from my sister-in-law withered up and died, despite all of my efforts to resuscitate it. She said that perhaps I should have brought it indoors. I felt shame…and guilt. Sort of. Embarrassment, more like. I would never tell the children this.

Anyway, since it was winter and all, I didn’t do much with my balcony plant. I didn’t throw out the pot. I figured I’d just wait until it got warmer and plant something else.

A few weeks ago, something started sprouting in that pot. I left it alone, still planning to plant something new.

Everyday, it grew faster and faster. I didn’t even water it. Just let Mother Nature do her thing. And now…here it is. Bigger and better than it was before.

I was so excited. Until I found out that banana tree plants never go away. Ever. They just take a winter vacation. And you really don’t have to do anything.

I think I need more banana trees. I’ve got a point to prove to the kiddos. – KW


Cauliflower is the New Kale

I’d say about 90 percent of the time, I eat healthy. And then I do treat myself. Lately, I’ve added more veggies to my diet and have no problem with cauliflower showing up as an alternative to potatoes and wheat flour.

I did a little grocery shopping yesterday and came across something new. Cauliflower snack crackers. Now, I’ve had cauliflower mashed like potatoes, cauliflower rice and even cauliflower crust pizza and absolutely love them, so…was pretty excited about grabbing a couple of boxes of these.

I shared my find with my friends on FB, but I hadn’t tried them at the time because I was still full from lunch. My friends asked for a review and nutrition content. Not a problem!

Later that day, I tried them. I tried the cheesy ones first because I am crazy about Cheez-Its and really had high hopes there. I was disappointed. I mean, they were okay but not something I would buy again. It might have been better loaded down with some hummus or something, but alone, I wasn’t impressed.

The Sea Salt ones, however, were pretty good! They didn’t even need to be doused in ranch!

Now, I’m not saying the cheesy ones were bad…YOU might like them, so if you’re on the cauliflower bandwagon like me, go for it. But me? I’ll stick with Cheez-Its on my cheat days.

In conclusion, I’m so glad the whole kale thing is almost over. Eww. Long live cauliflower! I have no problem trying the new stuff and sharing my thoughts with you….unless, someone makes a dessert out of cauliflower, I’m good! – KW